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Monday, November 30, 2009

Selective Starts...

Today is the first day of selective. We were introduced to Complementary Medicine and were divided into groups to do different topics. I was put into Group 1. My poster topic is Aromatherapy while video presentation topic will be Popularity of Traditional Medicine in Malaysia. Second lecture is by Vijay Singh-Meditation.Lol, he started to tell his story about some super natural first I stay focused to listen to his story but at the end just felt it is not that exciting, maybe the way he tells the story is just so not exciting. Had canteen meeting in the afternoon, therefore missed the Karaoke session, haih....nvm, 2moro must go to watch 2012.....

Sunday, November 29, 2009

I should take care of my teeth before everything is too late!

Flossing teeth is not easy,lol. I flossed my teeth just now for the first time, future dentist discovered that I have  wisdom teeth which will disrupt the molar teeth,hence need to be removed. Maybe I should really teake care of my teeth from now, if not more bacteria will find their way to stay on my!!!

I want my teeth to be like this....


Saturday, November 28, 2009

Life Sucks

F*CK my life..........

Everything just so so STUPID...


My life sucks like hell........

My new phone is is dead already....

Thanks to the rain water..

Life after Summative

It's been quite a long time since I last did any exercise because was busy preparing my my exam.But today I did 2 sports in 1 day, wow.... Badminton at 10am, and basketball at 5pm,lol..... phone was left pouring with rain water while we were playing basketball in the rain. I have gorgotten my phone, shit, until now I still don't dare to switch it on, need to wait the water inside it to dry out first, if not short circuit will occur and my phone will die man, poor him only few days old....sien...

Went to mid valley to have dinner--Popeye is surprisingly better than KFC and McDonald, hmm....played pool with Leon and Jaeric after that.....haha...6 rounds, all of us scored 2 games....equally good...

Hope that my handphone will survive, if not really really bad....

Friday, November 27, 2009

I have Failed

O ya, I have finished my exam and I have screwed my OBA big big time,and perhaps MEQ, damn it! I have FAILED (In my own context, coz I just can't even fulfill my simple request/target) the exam officially .....

I hate exams. They just don't match my style. They just don't like me and I don't like them too.

And what is worse is that this exam contribute a lot to PMS matching too. Well, I think I have just screwed myself so so much!!

I really hate myself everytime when I work hard for something, ended up the things will not favour to me...

I think it's just my fate, perhaps?

But I shouldn't get defeated. What I can do is to go against it right?? Or should I just quit this course man?? Is it really suitable for me??

But I have decide since early already that once I chose and stepped into this path, I will  follow and do it by my best and reach the end, and that's what I am going to do...

I will work harder, for Sem 5.....I will be back....

p/s: After exam, I don't know why am I still have mood to go to watch movie "The Ninja Assasin". But it was very nice, I reckon it to everyone although it is quite an aggressive movie. Went to cyber after movie until 12.15am, well cyber is not really my style......

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sei lo

I am going to sleep half an hour time, haih...

Everytime I am regretted for not able to finish my studying, sien...

Really should be motivated next time to revise before everything comes and accumulates...

All the things/facts just don't want to stay in my mind, screw it....

Ok la, I think what I can do now is only HOPE....

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Don't Stress, Be Happy

Exam is on 2moro!!!!

Don't stress, or else????.......

Our Antibody formation is impaired

Significantly lower salivary IgA

Increased risk of mononucleosis

So how to counter all the bad effects on our immune body???

You must Share your experiences----Lymphocyte response will be increased wor..

Laugh, and laugh and laugh more---Ig increases, Increased lymphocyte count and activity.

Relaxation (Meditation/listening to soothing musics)----NK activity increases, decreased plasma stress hormones, increased T-cell effectiveness

Aerobic Exercise---NK cell, T-cells, WBC, endorphins, certain immune chemicals increase, but lymphocyte function decreases

Based on all the ways, I personally think that Laugh will be the easiest and time saving way to destress!!! Haha

So, all of you must Laugh out loudly when you are reading your notes!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

This is the Spirit!!!!

I managed to stay awake until 7am this morning, saw the sky slowly brighten up,the veiw of IMU with background of colourful sky really truly beautiful, hmm.....I saw Breaking of the Dawn!!!!! Cool, haven't see it for so long time already as I always wake up pass 10am,lol!

This is not the view of IMU actually, but what I saw was similar to this...hehe

Nah, I would say my late night stay up was not that productive,lol. But it was ok la, at least I tried. I went to sleep and wake up at 10.05am, continue.....go go!!!

P/s: Some of my batchmates also stay up Join the Stay Up Late Gang (STLG)!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Not Giving Up?

I am still not giving up! I am not planning to sleep 2nite, but dunno how long can I hold,I need to finish all 3 systems but it seems so impossible because after I read, few days passed and I have forgotten almost 90% of them, haih....sien sien...Last day edy before exam, so must really give it 100% hard work and commitment, please Ickes, don't dreaming anymore, you have not enough time for it edy, go go go!!!!

p/s: But I feel I will score quite bad for my this Summative, haih....just wish I don't fail it and get at least an average of all....

Monday, November 23, 2009

Endocrine Quiz Time

Tell me...
How much you know about Endocrine?

1.What is Liddle Sign?? Where can you see it??/

2.Is Micronodular Adrenal Hyperplasia ACTH dependent or independent???

3.Name 3 etiology of Secondary Hyperaldosteronism...

4.What are the 2 lesion in pituitary gland that causes Cushing's Disease??

5.Is Addisons' disease Acute or Chronic??

6.What is also known as Bronze Skin Disease?

7.What are the cells that produce catecholamine called? And where are they located at?

8.What is the treatment for Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia in children and adult?

9.What are the two prominent features of hypoaldosteronism??

10.Will prolonged administration of Heparin causes Hyperaldosteronism??

11.What is another name for "Dusky coloured Tumour" & "10% Tumour"?

Click here for the answers...

3 more days.........

LOW SIA Yang!!!!


So many Syndromes:

Nelson Syndrome
Conn's Syndrome
Sheehan's Syndrome
Waterhouse-Friderichsen’s Syndrome 

Von-Hippel-Lindau (VHL) Syndrome

Li-Fraumeni Syndrome
Plummer Syndrome



Sunday, November 22, 2009

IMU got dancers......

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

Video 6

Video 7

Video 8

Video 9

Video 10

Their dances not bad right????? Which dance videos u like?? Please comment...

Where Should I Go???

Where should I go??? Any path that I choose to take will give a completely different route and a different me...
Very hesitated, confused and undecided.....

ANU??? Queensland??? UWA??? Adelaide???

Double degree, cheaper??


Earlier exposure to overseas, maybe a different me at overseas???

Haih.....must keep on studying and never give up for summative 4, so that I can still choose what I want to choose :-)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

I am Stupid, Useless and Stress

Why am I surrounded by Smart People??? It makes me feel like I am so inferior and stupid. Y can't I be average or better than average compared to others? I really want to succeed every time but no matter how hard I tried, all are only failure that followed, it just makes me feel that I should stop trying because my limit had already reached its max. I am stress, I am doomed, I am really useless. When people complaint that they couldn't score well, they did very well and get an A (Imagine my friend did that, I don't know whether I am happy or upset).When I complaint, it really turns out to be like a shit. I really don't know why others are more stress than me when they never get result worse than B. They just don't realize that it makes me feel even more stress and hyperventilation accompanies. Sometimes I just wish I am like others, not becoming an useless person....

p/s: I thought the theory don't compared with others, try our best, then we will be happy, but actually it's really hard to follow that after we saw what others did and their hard works paid off while mine 1 is the only one which got wasted..........

Specialty Path

 I am an insane 2nd year Medical Student who is not so hardworking. Hmm...compared light and dark, I am afraid of dark more. I like to think big in my life, so does that means that I shall pick dermatology??? Lol, what is yours???


Amenorrhea-Absence/ cessation of menstruation in excess of 6 months

Primary: Normal sexual development: No onset of menstruation by age of 16
              Abnormal sexual development: No onset of menstruation by the age of 14

Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser (Mullerian Agenesis)-Outflow tract/ and uterus disorder
Kallmann Syndrome (Hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism & anosmia-loss of smell sensation)-Hypothalamo-Pituitary Axis disorder
Turner's Syndrome (XO-chromosomal abnormalities)-Ovary disorder

Secondary: In previously menstruating women: Absence of menstruation in excess of 6 months (if cycle regular), 12 months (if known to have oligomenorrhea-reduction in frequency of menstruation (6 weeks-6 months)

Stein-Leventhal Syndrome-Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
Asherman's Syndrome- Intrauterine adhesions

Friday, November 20, 2009

Need Motivation Urgently

6 more days to Summative 4 and what am I still doing here??? Wth, I m not studying but doing some pending works which I am not supposed to do right now, siez....Just few days to exam, why don't I just study hard and score as good as I can, but I have just no motivation. Someone please save me!!!! Sigh......

p/s: Went to low yat yesterday to get a newphone-W580i, and so coincident that my mum also owns the same model, but just different colour,lol.....I dunno she has that model!!! A Mum and Son telepathy, hehe!!! :-)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

19 November 2009

Hmm...I will remember this date. It is a date that I first buried my wish under a tree.It is a day of "Meteor Rain"? It is a date that I lost my HP 5610 (Thanks to those group of Mat Rempit)...

It was a normal day for me when suddenly we felt like going to McDonald to study at midnight. Haha, wanna find people to go study together and go there by car but could'nt find. At night, I went to the park to have a walk and did a very special thing-lol, buried my wish under a tree...Hmm...really hope that my wish will come true one day...

After that, we went to Mamak Arena Green to have supper at around 1.15am. After supper,it was already 1.45am and  the dramatic scenery going to take place. YH was walking quite in front of us, Jamie and I were walking behind. Jamie and me saw there was a group of Mat Rempit opposite the road, thought that they were so "useless", knew how to race and acts dangerously only. We didn't care about them and we continued walking back to Vista. Jamie was so tired that she shut her eyes while walking, lol, wondered how she can walk like that. Then while we were walking, suddenly everything happened so fast. The group of Mat rempit stopped right beside us (There were 6 of them-3 motorcycles). I was stunned at first while my mind was still thinking why they raced until here and maybe they wanted to kacau us only, but after few seconds, suddenly I just thought of Shit, they were planning to snatch our valuables, sei lo. Jamie let out a high pitched scream and she faster threw her stuff and ran to YH while a man was chasing her (Luckily the man stopped after a while). 2 man was holding me and desperately searching for my valuables. My left hand was holding my hp very tight and one of them kept on shouting:"Bagi, bagi, bagi....." Ya, they were all Malays. According to YH, one of them is still a teenager (16/17). I suddenly conscious that I should just let go of my hp, if not maybe they will have some weapons or beat me up, so in the end I just let go my hp and they straight away jumped back onto their motorcycles and rode away. At that moment, my thought was shit, I have to make my IC one more time and my keys(SRC and house keys) , I have lost my IC 2 times already, SRC key very important, sei lo. Then after a while I checked my pocket, the keys were still there and I just recalled that I didn't bring my wallet that time, lol. I left my wallet at home, thanks god. Lol! I no need to make all the IC and stuff again.....Ya, so that was everything which happened really really fast and I didn't expect it to even happen. And it gave me a lesson or made me aware that Bukit Jalil area, especially the area between Arena Green, Savanna to Vista, is not safe anymore. So everybody must not go out in the morning (Midnight) and must always be aware of the surrounding, better with lots of people accompany. I was not injured but my pant got torn at the side only. For me, I felt that I was lucky to only lost my hp, but not my life. I thought I will be more sad than expected but surprisingly I am not that sad afterall. Hmm...I just lost all my hp contacts and my hp dictionary!!! Will get a new phone soon...........

It was an unexpected night!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Beauty of Sebuyau

Map of Sebuyau

The Sebuyau Mountain-Symbol of Sebuyau

Our shop is at the first shop lot of this row (Not captured)

Row of shop near the jetty

Sebuyau is a small Sarawakian coastal town. It borders Sri Aman and Simunjan in the island of Borneo. Most of its inhabitants are made up of the Malay and the Iban people. It is a place where I grew up. It is a place full of my childhood memories. I missed the Nasi Lemak there, truly appetizing yet cheap. I missed the childhood friends I have there, now most of them have lost in touch with me. I missed the old time!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

My Lovely Granpa

This is my Granpa, haha!! (Very handsome right?) Guess how old is he edy?? I bet you can't guess his real age..

I  admire my Granpa very much. He is a determined person, following principles of his life, diligent and skillful.


He pasted this paper on the wall, listed out all the principles we should have in life!

All the philosophies to teach us must be filial to parents, husband and wife must be loving towards each other, aunties must treat each other well and respect each other, siblings must be loving and helping each other, trust in friends and self improvement and well-being.

Meaningful right?

Hmm, his birthday is coming soon, hehe. I will be going back on 19 Dec to celebrate his birthday, wohoo...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Did I change?

I just don't like to be questioned about my emoness sometimes. My bad mood just suddenly come at times and I cannot resist it or rather avoid it.There is no reason behind it or sometimes rather I just don't want anyone to know about the reason.I just wish myself to be happy but it's just very hard for me to grab the happiness to myself all the time. My friend once told me that I need to learn to be bad, then I will be getting what I want. My close 1 also said to me that good people don't get treated well or got what is good in return while the opposite bad guy will live longer and succeed in their lives. Well, maybe I have changed according to my friends, I am not the innocent one anymore! I am turning bad slowly....

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wilms Tumour

WILMS TUMOUR (WT) is the fifth most common pediatric malignancy and the most common type of renal tumor in children.It can arise sporadically, can develop in association with genetic syndromes, or can be familial.

Pathogenesis & Genetics:

WAGR Syndrome
-Associated with congenital malformations

-Wilms tumour (Those with below 3 congenital malformation always assoc with wilms tumour)
-Aniridia (Congenital absence of Iris)
-Genitourinary malformations
-Retard (Mental retardation resulted from abnormal CNS development)

-Aniridia, GU malformations, and mental retardation are usually detected in the perinatal period, and patients with these conditions require careful long-term follow-up, both because of the consequences of the congenital defects and because of the potential development of a Wilms tumor.
-The deletion of varying lengths of chromosomal material along the short arm of chromosome 11 is the underlying defect, and developmental abnormalities are related to the contiguous loss of neighboring genes.

Denys-Drash Syndrome

-rare disorder
-triad of congenital nephropathy (constant feature), wilms tumour & intersex disorders (from mutation of WT1 gene)
-clinically manifests as an early onset nephrotic syndrome and progresses to renal failure during the first 3 years of life.
-Classic presentation:pure gonadal dysgenesis with male pseudohermaphroditism

Beckwith-Wiedmann Syndrome
-Originally, Professor Wiedemann coined the term EMG syndrome.

-Exomphalos (a weakness of the baby's abdominal wall where the umbilical cord joins it, leads to Omphalocele)
-Macroglossia (unusual enlargement (hypertrophy) of the tongue)

Other features:
-Hemihypertrophy (Overgrowth of one side of the body)
-Adrenal Cytomegaly

Over time, this constellation was renamed Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome (BWS).

-Region of 11p was the first identified example of imprinting in mammals (ie, the process whereby the 2 alleles of a gene are expressed differentially).

Precursor lesions???----NEPHROGENIC RESTS


Button badges are universal. They're small, unobtrusive, but they also make a big statement about whatever it is you want to make. They've a popular promotional item that people give to their customers and clients and at events, fundraisers and gatherings. Many people also collect button badges as a hobby. They come in all sizes, are mostly colorful and can be either hand printed or embossed with a standard design. (Extracted from

In IMU, there are a lot of fund-raising events which sell badges, and I have bought quite a few of them since I entered IMU......

Halloween Badges

"Noise"-Music & Performance Usual Event Promotional Badges

HIV Awareness-CrusAIDSers's badges

ISOW--Breast Awareness & Club Promotional badges

I have forgotten what this badges for?? CSC (Community Service Club)??


Dental Exhibition Promotional Badge

Haha, and this is Orientation Group 8---Infinity!!! First and ever group badge!!! (My name is printed on it!)

Wow, so much!!! Colourful & nice....:-)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Just read an entry about happiness from Timothy's blog just now, it inspired me to write an entry about this too.
Happiness is a level of pleasure you achieved after you got what you want and are contented of what you have.
Human is an emotional animal, unsatisfying yet sometimes non-appreciable creature. We always have emotion swing of our daily life, not to mention because of big crisis we faced, but just a small little things that we met, we will feel depressed and upset the whole day. We will always think if we have done something earlier or at least did something to it, then everything will turn out to be different and maybe we will feel very happy of the outcome.Or rather if we get what others have but we don't have, we will feel that we are equally successful and be happy with what we got. We are never satisfied with what we have now. We always think harder that why is everything will go the way that we don't want it to be and keep on complaining or expressing the sadness in our life. But, we just need to realize one thing that is everything is actually same as before, but just there are some changes with others that made you feel that your life is not great enough. Everyone lives different life, and we must not always compare our life with others and should always be grateful of what we have now and be appreciated especially our family, friends and any people who have just walked across with us in our journey of life.

I used to enjoy myself a lot back in Sem 1 & 2. But Sem 3 & 4 for me is just not as fun/happy to me! However, after I look back and look forward at my life now, I just realized that I have actually achieved more than I have lost. I just need to appreciate what I have now and feel satisfied with them. Then, I guess happiness will just return...

Be happy, Smile always!
We have left only 7 months and 9 days in IMU, be more appreciable to all the people around you as you may not be able to see some of them again in your future life.

My birthday present from a group of friends-MP4 Player, really thanks so much for that! I love it very much!

Leon's post with his birthday present!

A simple Kolo Mee from Kuching can taste so different & nice in KL & made me HaPpY!!
I am just so lucky to have everything in my life!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

2nd Week of Renal

Exam is getting nearer, time is getting shorter, motivation of mine still not getting stronger. Just heard from someone that Summative for Sem 4 is the determinant exam for those who want to go PMS to get their preferred choice....Sei lo, I thought it is not as important than Sem 3's EOS. Die die die, must wake up!!! Wake up!


Saturday, November 7, 2009


Key to Success is always Working Hard to achieve it!!! Maybe I didn't follow this principle always, I am the type of person who gives up easily because I think that be perseverance will only give pain/ disappointment! Hmm...I should change that thinking!

So what's up with this 21st Entry? I will just set my goal here in order to change myself.

1. Be more Optimistic
2. Study very very Hard
3. Be more Mature
4. Smile more
5. Have Faith in Myself

Apart from that, I have set 3 resolutions for myself too, and to achieve that, I must work hard towards it!!!
I will change, be better, be a new person!!!!

"At the age of twenty, we don't care what the world thinks of us; at thirty, we worry about what it is thinking of us; at forty, we discover that it wasn't thinking of us at all".

My Birthday for 2009 (Part II)

Today was a quite busy day, woke up at 10.30am, then went to facebook---haha, so many birthday's wishes! Then, replied the wishes one by one till 12pm. Long right? Haha, went for meeting at 12.45pm, tapao lunch to eat in the meeting room. At the moment I stepped inside the meeting room, suddenly saw a cake with candles lighting on it, and they were singing birthday song to me. Haha, didn't expect this will happen...thanks a lot Zia, Wee Kiat, Nirmal, Ashvini, Mira!!!

  "To Our Most Beloved Treasurer, Gambatte!"

Was asked to take the candle using mouth from the cake and my nose touched the icing,lol!

Meeting progressed until 2.15pm. Then went for PBL from 2.30-4pm. Was rather quiet during PBL, haih...I don't really like PBL, felt like didn't learn much from it, even the PBL stuff was not done by me, took it from my friend, lol! After PBL,received a birthday present from mummy, hehe. She said I will vomit out blood after I unwrap the present, haha!

The birthday present from Jamie
Guess what's inside??




There were 2 renal lectures-first-by Nyunt Wai & Sufian, damn boring,haha! Lecture finished, everyone went home. I went to play pool with Mervyn. After pool, he said he wanted to have dinner with us,lol, this is weird, because normally he won't stay back for dinner. Went back to my apartment, knew something is going on, but just ignore it,lol! By the time I pushed open my B2-10-2 door, suddenly, wow, happy birthday song and candle lighting cake,

  "Happy B'day Sia Yang (Ickus)"---lol, the person spelt "Ickes" wrongly

and there were so many people, about 20++, thanks everyone for coming!!! Haha, actually I don't really know how to react but just felt a bit akward (I really don't know how to face such a grand situation,lol!) but thankful. Thanks everyone willing to come despite of exam coming soon!! Really thankful! And my face got thrown icing by YH and YX,lol!!! Haha....After that, we walked to Esplanade mamak to have dinner- Nasi Lemak Biasa Roti Tisu and Teh O Ice Limau. Hehe, we walked back to vista after dinner too. O ya, at first planned want to go to sing k, but after know that it's quite expensive, then cancelled the plan,lol! Went back home, watched PPS, no studying at all, haha. And I am very happy, because my small wish was fulfilled by my lovely housemates,lol. They did a performance live for me, so touched. "Nobody dance" 1.13 minutes, damn cool!! Haha!

P/s: Adult dy...must be more mature now...
      Haha, happy to received call wishes from my parents (as usual)!!!
     And I should learn how to floss edy....

Friday, November 6, 2009

My Birthday for 2009 (Part I)

My Birthday is 2day!!!! 6 November!!! It's actually a ideal birthday day for a lot of people. Throughout my life, I have met so many people who are born on the same day as me-6 Nov. Firstly, my primary classmate, also my secondary classmate-Lee Juin. Then I went for National Service. There are few people whose birthday on 6 Nov too. After that A-level in my class PM15, there is one girl call Akriti has same birthday as me. Then in IMU, there are 2 more other friends who have same birthday as me-Timothy and Kelvin,lol! And November is really a birthday month. There are so many November babies, if you don't believe you can look at the picture at the bottom..Happy Birthday to all November babies!!!!!!!!!!!

On the birthday eve, I received a birthday card from my junior group 8-Infinity!!! Hehe, it is so nice of them to give me a card.


I was surprised to receive their card one day earlier and they even sang happy birthday song for me at cafe, lol. Anyway, they were not mistaken my birthday date, but because they are not coming for school the next day because there is only BS class, which is not that important(Actually will be tested in exam but can do independent learning)!

Then at night, we went to Tenji Japanese Buffet Restaurant, at mount Kiara to have supper.There are about 25++ of us,wow, bigger group compared to the batch trip,lol.

It's is actually a combined birthday for 7 person- Leon (9 Nov), Thomas( 2 Nov), Mei Han (13 Nov), Me (6 Nov), Timothy (6 Nov), Kelvin (6 Nov) & Gaik Si (1 Nov). So many November babies right??? Haha.

Back (From Left): Timothy, Kelvin, Thomas
Front (From Left): Leon, Ickes, Mei han, Gaik Si

The food of Tenji is not bad, but I think it can be improved in term of varieties and maybe quality. There are unlimited Hargen Dartz and Baskin Robin too, hehe. But I think that the Hagen Dartz there is not as nice as the original one that we bought from the shop. This one is more diluted and melt quite easily. Hmm...but not bad la.

Food & Desserts: haha, actually we took quite a lot but didn't take down photos...


Drank Sky Blue Cocktail, Carlsberg beer and white wine....hehe. face turned a bit red. And was forced to drink a bit of mixed alcohol by them, sweat!

Blue: Sky Blue Cocktail
Red: Red Wine

Lol, Liaw Khai & King Hung the man on that day, see how much glasses of wine they have drank!

This year my birthday is before exam (Usually is after exam), haih...sad. Haha, still need to study for the upcoming Summative, bleh...