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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Laughing is the Best Medicine

No matter how sad ur day is, how tough ur life is, just always remember, we are lucky enough to be born into this world so perfectly (With perfect limbs, brain, everything) and have our family members who care about us so much!!! Take a look at this video, it will surely make you laugh....................Smile!!!! Be happy!!!! is quite a good day for me. Phoenix won second darts match against Taurus, that means we will be qualified for semi-final!!! Wohoo...I can see Gold Medal's getting nearer...Good job to our Phoenix Darts Team, we are awesome. Scored 109 & 155 for Bowling during training, wow...quite satisfied with second game,hehe. Must gambateh!!! O ya, Phoenix male basketball won Gold, but I did'nt participate in it. GG...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I am so indertermined, shouldn't give up so easily...........

Today is not a happy day for me... Having troubled by so many things that happened around me, everything just makes me want to give up and just don't want to give a damn. Even in lecture theater I was so depressed that I couldn't focus until one point that I wanted to leave the lecture theater but I didn't do it. I told myself not to emo and everything is fine. Thanks God that after that I back to be more focus (at least a bit focus)...Took Council Photos today,went to Pasar Malam and happy thing for today was Phoenix won 1st darts match against Draco. 2moro we will fight against Taurus, hope we can win again!!!!

Reproductive System Starts.....

Raya Holiday is officially ended and we have to go back to our IMU school time, haih....
Time is like a bullet train, or rather an infinity,lol! Started Reproductive system, and it's for 5 weeks!!!! Interesting!! Hmm....Took some picture during the lecture time...

The lecturer is standing very far from us and talking at the opposite side of the Audi as there is some "Special connection" of the computer and the projector at the other side.

Ok, this is random, picture taken during Raya holiday, guess where is the place? OBA question...

c. 1 uTAMA

Last but not least, " Study Hard & Enjoy! "

P/s: Phoenix Male Single & Double won, Female Single & Double lost, so now depends on Mixed Double, must win!!!! Go go phoenix and good luck 2moro!!!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Tiring Sunday

Woke up early in the morning, 6.45am to go to the temple at Kepong. It was an one day spiritual talk to know more about "Dao", Hmm...went back IMU at only 5.45pm, the went to practise Darts for a while at 6.40pm, 7-10.30pm--cherrleading practice. We finished the whole cheerleading performance, not to say perfectly, but quite Ok. Changed a bit of dance steps, the stunts are awesome but the dance steps still need to be improved...practise darts again after cheerleading. Coz 2moro is Darts Competition, fight against Draco, hmm...must win, phoenix!!! When we were practising the Darts, the guard switched off the light and siad he is supposed to switch off it at 11.30pm because it is a sunday night, lol, since when this rule starts to be applied, I have never heard of it before, swt!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

LIFE is Just Not My Friend

I always expect a lot from LIFE, and when I don't get what I want, I tend to feel upset.If I don't expect more, what else more can I gain from LIFE? I want to set higher goal for myself, so that I can improve, but every time I set high goal for myself,no matter what aspect, I cannot surpass it, it makes me feel that I am so LOUSY, it really does. LIFE always treats me badly, he just don't want to see me success, happy and cheerful. I used to be a quiet boy, who live a simple, naive life. Some people said I changed a lot since form 4. I started to become more active, more sociable. And because of this, LIFE just becomes more complicated. I miss the simple LIFE I used to have, maybe I shall remain silent and quiet, back to the original me....

The more you expect, the deeper you will fall, and the more you will hurt...............

Group 8 First Futsal Game

Futsal + Bat Kut Teh = Awesome!!!

Hmm...played futsal with YH, Samantha, Jon, Keen Wai, Millie, Dennis...It was very very fun, especially play with those who don't mind beginners to join in. Hehe, then after futsal, we went to Old Klang Road to eat bat kut teh at the roadside. Although the bat kut teh not the best, but it still taste good. Today something happened too, just felt unfair for my friends. Is winning really so important? And are the strong always have advantages? Can't the weak be improved? Why must always see winning so importantly until eliminate own people? Haih...

Friday, September 25, 2009

Random thoughts

With so many things going on, I seriously don't know how to handle it one by one. There are so many other disturbances which hinder me from reaching my self motivation to complete every tasks which I have now. Haih...I want to complete the task as soon as possible, and I know there will be more tasks to come. I just want to do what I like to do now but I just can't. Nvm, after this should be ok, I hope it will be ok....

Video makes Liver Easy to Study!!!

Visit the website at:

Thursday, September 24, 2009

what do u think?

i think i am handsome,smart,irresistible,muscular, sexy, and sporty..i am sure all girls will die in my hand..muahaha..

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


My lucky pink bowling ball(secret)...hehe!
Ickes Bowler
Utan Bowler
Nigel Bowler

Well, this time I practise to throw harder to make the ball to roll faster than my usual slow moving bowling ball, the result is not that bad, but not as good as the previous 1,maybe I should train using style more often to master it so that can score more next time, wee!!!!

Western Grand Meal (Dinner + Supper)

It is on Tuesday (22/9/09) when we decided to cook Western Meal for our dinner. We bought the ingredients from Carrefour, and they are Dolly fish, Pork Chop, BBQ Sauce, Sausages, Lettuce, Purple vege, Tomatoes, Potatoes, Lime, Longan, Revive, Jelly. Hehe, we cooked too much rice, which is much more enough for 3 person, as I thought that I can eat a lot, but in the end I really gave up, seriously too much. So, what have we prepared? Hehe, look down then you will know...

Dish 1---Lime Super Egg Butter Fish.

Dish 2---Above: Pork chop fried with butter
Below: BBQ Sauce with garlic, onion, pork oil and butter

Dish 3--Garlic Butter Sausage Rice

Dish 4--- Mashed Potatoes (Left) & Full-boiled eggs(Right)

Dish 5---Salad!!! (Healthy food)

Drink---Longan Revive(taste quite ok)

This is the whole picture of the meal we had....Looks not a lot, but we really had a hard time to finish them.

This is my meal..yummy!! But believe me, when I look at the sausages, I already feel that my stomach is full and going to explode soon, lol!!!

We eat, and eat and eat but the food seems impossible for us to finish, wth! Especially the salad, you can see it is still 1 full bowl that much. Haha, so what we do to settle all these? Hmm...haha, we have our own way..calling for help!!! We called Marcellus who is still in vista, asked whether he wanted to eat supper or not? And asked him to call more people to come. Lol, he was asking people on the facebook and Millie came to help us too!!! Lol!

Marcellus is enjoying the food.

Yen Haw is holding the ingredients for the jelly.

Millie is drinking happily while Natasha is smiling insanely.

And after our dinner + supper, we started to make Jelly, hehe!! First time cook it, and they are not that bad, only the jelly doesn't taste sweet, but luckily we put longan inside, so it's still ok, next time will put more sugar...hehe!

And here's our jelly!!!!!

Different shapes of jelly-leaf, star, round, etc...
Next time shall cook less rice,lol.........There was still leftover which we kept for next day dinner,haha!


The view is just simply magnificent....

Pick this from Shangri-La website:

Skybar, a bar which located in the Traders Hotel, KLCC, 33th floor. It offers guests the ultimate in cool drinks and intoxicating views, all in a very chic and cosmopolitan atmosphere.SkyBar's contemporary setting provokes in guests an instant and irresistible desire to just chill out. Guests can gaze at the glow from the illuminated towering twin wonders of Petronas while listening to 'straight chill' and upbeat music. SkyBar was named 'Best Malaysian Bar' by Malaysia Tatler. There I went.....

There is a swimming pool inside the Skybar, cool!!!

This is me, drinking Midori (Before my face turns red)

I have alcohol intolerance, my face easily turns red after a while.

Yen haw & I

From the left: Ying Xin, Yen Ming, Me, Natasha & Kala

Post Skybarring, taking a group picture

The night not just ended there, we went to mamak after that to get rid of our hangover effect, lol! It was a special night!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Project Alpha Season 1 (A Must Watch Online TV Show)

Project Alpha Season 1, first online TV show, uncovering Malaysia's top bloggers is really great to watch. It is very fun and humorous. So far,I like Episode 3 the most, which recorded Jojo brought Fourfeetnine to the gym. This episode is simply fantastic that it makes my roomate and I cannot stop laughing at the way fourfeetnine work up. Try to scroll the youtube video to these minutes and you will know why: 1:22 (The way she walk/run on the treadmill is just super funny), 2:15 (She is making weird sound), 2:28 (Again, very funny grins that she made), 2:43 (She laughs first before she falls to ground), 3:00(She is unable to stabilize herself and almost fall to left and right plus her laughings), 3:18 (There is weird sound while doing Yoga), 3:21 (Jojo said up and Fourfeetnine replied No...thank you. The way Fourfeetnine said it sounds hilarious). Haha, wonder what will help Fourfeetnine to get back her energy after a strenuous exercise for her (although they are just mild exercise), dicover it towards the end of the video.They will just give you a good "laugh" start of the day, enjoy the video!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Art of Pool

The Eight Ball (Magic Ball)
My hand grabbing the 8 ball
Focus on 9 Ball
Background is the focus
Kissing of *8 & 9* Balls

Pool is all about physics, angles, and control of strength. It is so nice to play that it tests your placing, control of strength and your accuracy of hitting.From Wiki, Cue sports, also known as billiard sports,are a wide variety of games of skill generally played with a cue stick which is used to strike billiard balls, moving them around a cloth-covered billiards table bounded by rubber cushions. I only started to know & play it when I went for A-level at Taylor's University College. Well, there are a lot of pool center near there, so we can always hang out to play pool. That's when my fate with pool started to grow. And, after I came into IMU, there is a place called student lounge where there is a pool table, haha! But that time we need to pay to play. Now, it is totally free, haha! Cool cool. Pool is also a game to make friendship grows and I am glad that I have made a lot of best friends through it, especially in IMU....

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mother Dog & Small Puppy

Guess what? Today YH & I were on our mission to save the little cut puppy from the deep drain. Well, to be honest, it was not really our good deeds, we were just assisted in saving the puppy. Haha, it was a windy day, we wanted to go carrefour to have lunch but there was no taxi. So, we decided to walk to our destination. On the way, we heard a mother dog moaning, and she was looking down the drain as if something was inside. We went forward to see and saw a little cute fat puppy inside, probably dropped into the drain when the mother dog trying to move it to somewhere. We wanted to go down the drain to lift up the puppy but the mother dog was so fierce and kept barking at us. We were afraid to go down(even though the mother dog and us were separated by bushes). YH found a stick to chase away the mother dog while I was getting ready to go down. At that moment, there was a guard walking towards us. We called him and showed him that a puppy had fallen into the drain. The mother dog ran further from us after she saw the guard and the guard went down the drain to take the puppy up, thanks God! The puppy seemed very weak but there was no obvious wound we could see. We put it back behind the bushes so that the mother dog could finally unite with her kid.

After a few hours, sky juice fell from the sky, I wonder how are the puppy and the mother dog doing, hope they are alright.......


Darts is very fun,
get to know it only after come into IMU,
last year IMU Cup, still remember the matches,
after so freaking long VS,
we(I) finally got my very first medal(bronze),
was really happy for it,
and now, phoenix is going to face strong challengers,
we have to train hard,
in order to win,
and I really want to win,
I meant it,
and I will make sure we will achieve it!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


O ya, I have joined cheerleading, for phoenix team, hehe!
It was a very hard decision, and I was hesitated to join, Yes or No,
and I dragged for so long, never go for any trainings..
And 2nite I went for my first training--19 September-6.30-9.30pm
It was not bad, have to learn the dances, lift people(Elevator), throw and catch people(Crater), and of course the cheer...

Hmm...not bad not bad!
Thanks Michelle, Eng Hong and Jonathan for teaching me some dance moves, lol, I sucked in dance, swt!!

Next trainings---Next Sunday--7-10pm, hmm...looking forward to it!!!


Sharing, is a good tool,
for a better communication,
to bring people closer,
to increase understanding,
to let the other one knows that
they are important and trustful,
to let them feel that you are a closer friend,
who wish to share with them
anything,everything, but somehow
it's hard to share,
if suddenly someone asked you to share,
not happens spontaneously or naturally,
the feeling is like so weird,
I want to share,
but just don't know what to share much,
I will learn, to share,
give me some time,
because I am not really a sharing person................

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Everything Will Just Come in Bulk, Just Need To Face It!!!!

Why everything must comes in bulk?? I am really tired now, super tired. Yesterday slept at nearly 4am just want to complete my account because have to meet up with people from audit firm (Harwath) to do auditing. Next morning woke up at 9.30am, went to school at 10am to pass the card, which I have forgotten to summit yesterday to the financial department. Just realized that I have forgotten Nirmal's signature, then have to call her up to come to school to give her signature. After that, went to SSD to wait for the Audit person to come. She supposed to come at 11am, but suddenly postponed it to 12.30pm. Shit! Stayed there to organize my documents until she came. Well, again gave her to see the documents and answer her questions. She said she will come back again tomorrow to ask me more questions, haih...Today supposed to go for bowling traning at Endah parade, and only knew that there is another canteen committee meeting at 2pm and I have to attend it to take down minute.I asked them to go by themselves but the girl refused to do so and so it was cancelled. Darts training should be held too by today but there was a match going on, so cannot train, and our phoenix house really lack of female players, no training at all too. Wondering how to win both Darts and Bowling???? The canteen meeting held until 3.35pm, then have to attend lecture at 4pm. After lecture, went to Road relay and Track & field training. It was raining heavily, so we went to the gym to do 1 set of rotation trainings, then proceeded to the carpark area and train according to Jodie's style. Run 100m, walk 100m, run 200m, walk 200m, run 300m, walk 300m, up until 500m, but I stopped at 400m because I was very tired already, probably due to hypoglycaemia since I ate only Pau before I ran, and I have to admit all my stamina last time had gone since I have not exercise for century. I went into the gym and want to run treadmill, but only run using 7km/hour speed for 10 minutes only, then I gave up and played pool, swt. Seriously, I don't have much determination and motivation nowadays. Really need someone to push me forward. Arrrhhh.....really feel sien!! 2moro another busy day to come, Pre-BOC meeting at 10am, then audit meeting at 11.30am, then council meeting at 12.45pm, really drives me crazy, and there are still a lot of budget pending and yet to be discussed with the clubs and societies, haih...I wanna study, pls! I want to study in the library tomorrow!!! Why everything just comes in group? O ya, glad that 2moro no lecture-case study. It was cancelled because of the belief that the class will be pretty empty as a lot of people has gone back to kampung...Selamat Hari Raya...

Suddenly realized that.....

Was reading some senior's blog just now, suddenly only realized that how fast time has flied, now I am Sem 4 edy, and has finished endocrine system...very fast I will be Sem 5, and then will be heading to overseas. Really feel sad when think about this. Friends are going to separate, going to different universities, have our own lives after that. Even though we will keep in touch, we will meet new friends and maybe soon will lost contact. Haih...Life is really miserable. Why everything must has to come to an end? But I am really happy to meet so much nice friends in IMU. They are all great, just I don't have enough time and effort to know every single of them. I am damn lucky to have a few close friends too, seriously gonna miss everyone after Sem 5. Wish that day will come slower, I need my emotion to get prepared.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rumah Sejahtera Seri Setia

Joined Orientation charity home visit last Saturday. We went to Old folk's home to visit. Well, we just sing songs, chit-chatting, play magic tricks to entertain them. I came across to an old woman who started to tell us her story. She said life is always difficult for her, it was worse still when she was young.Her baby died at the age of 40 days.Now, she is 85/86. She had no child, left only one sister. She stay at home at Klang for 5 years and only moved to this home a few month ago because she has some kidney problems. She was quite happy when there is people helping her to massage, chit-chatting with her. She was joyful when we told her that we all are currently studying medicine but after we told her that there are 5 more years to go, she suddenly said some words which are really sad to hear. She said she won't have chance to see us graduate already. Hmm....speechless...

Appreciate life while it is still going on, human gets older day by day and we don't know what will happen next, love your family especially the elder one as they really changed and created your life!

p/s:I miss my grandma...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Really Tired

I feel stress,
I feel guilty,
I feel empty,
I feel alone,
I am aimless,
I am unorganized,
I am unprepared,
I am hopeless.
There is so much pending workload,
Yet I am letting it to accumulate day by day. me man.

I am getting tired....really tired!

Top Ten Tips For Success

Extracted from The Trump Blog:

  1. Be focused. Put everything you’ve got into what you do every day.
  2. Believe in yourself. If you don’t, no one else will.
  3. Be tenacious.
  4. Trust your instincts.
  5. Maintain your momentum and keep everyone moving forward
  6. See yourself as victorious and leading a winning team.
  7. Be passionate about what you do.
  8. Live on the edge. Do not become complacent.
  9. Leadership is not a group effort. If you’re in charge, then be in charge.
  10. Never give up!


Talking about future-It is a really undecided, unclear and unplanned...

Future, is like something that we cannot really see, touch or even feel.
There are challenges every where, enemies and friends.
It's only clear when it has already happened at that exact moment.
Suddenly everything just comes to its solution.
And only at that time the road has shown its path.
Road, it's really easy to choose.
But, a correct and satisfaction guarantee road is really hard to pick.
Some people are happy, some people regretted.
Despite the fact that they have chosen the road by themselves.
So, don't regret over the choice have you taken.
Make full use of it and live, enjoy it!!!
Always look forward, but not behind.
As our life only has one.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Motivation Depleted Syndrome (MDS)

Well, is there any syndrome known as this? Hmm...I should do more research on this and who knows maybe next time I can create this syndrome and call it as "Ickes Syndrome".

Definition of motivation from Wikipedia: Motivation is the activation or energization of goal-oriented behavior. Generally, it is divided into 2 types- Intrinsic or Extrinsic.

Intrinsic motivation
comes from rewards inherent to a task or activity itself - the enjoyment of a puzzle or the love of playing.Students are likely to be intrinsically motivated if they:
  • attribute their educational results to internal factors that they can control (e.g. the amount of effort they put in),
  • believe they can be effective agents in reaching desired goals (i.e. the results are not determined by luck),
  • are interested in mastering a topic, rather than just rote-learning to achieve good grades.

Extrinsic motivation comes from outside of the performer. Money is the most obvious example, but coercion and threat of punishment are also common extrinsic motivations.Trophies as reward and competitions are extrinsic incentives too.

Have been lack of motivation since New Semester has started. Time passes so fast that it's already the 4th week of new semester and Endocrine system has almost comes to its end, yet I am still lazy and let everyday passes unproductively. I should set a Goal, to finish Endocrine Revision before Hari Raya holiday. However, setting a goal doesn't mean anything too. I should activate the plan to achieve the goal, and this is damn difficult for me, as usual.

Students, including me always like to use extrinsic motivators to keep moving on. We always compete with friends in academic field, perceive that tuition fee is very expensive, thus shouldn't waste it by studying hard. However, we really should use more intrinsic motivators. They are better to raise our confidence, and will help us in realizing as future doctors, we shouldn't study for exam sake, but for our interest and to be a knowledge-well equipped doctors.

Come on, man! Get Motivated, Keep Moving! U sure can do it!!!!

Motivational Quote from Hugh Molligan

What I do today is important because I am exchanging a day of my life for it!

Random Seremban Pictures

Our Cute Tour guide-Miss Belle
Random Uncle who we met in the park (Pose 1)
Random Uncle who we met in the park (Pose 2)
Sun Wu kong VS Nigel a.k.a Haw Ger
Sa Chen VS Natasha a.k.a Utan/Swine
Zhu Ba Jie VS Belle a.k.a Xin Xin Jie
Tang San Zhang VS Ickes a.k.a Sia Yang
Well, finally the white horse VS Kids

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Every Word is Something

My CSU teacher said something really meaningful yesterday. She said sometimes we will give impact to some strangers or change their lives without us realizing it. Anything we did/ said just happened to be at that exact hour, minute or even second, thus saving/ leaving a really deep impression on that person. When she was a houseman last time,she experienced this. She was walking passed a ward to her room when she heard a patient crying at one side. Out of curiosity and care, she approached the patient and found out that actually the lady has cancer and going to die soon. She was worried of her daughter who was still small (5 years old). She wished that she has another 5 years to live on so that she can see the daughter grows up to 10 years old. CSU teacher was just happened to be there for her, consoled and let her feel that there is still some hope and not to be so negative. The next morning, the lady already learn to be optimistic, and she will always ask CSU teacher to stand by her side whenever there is injection or something so that she will feel more secure. So, everything we said/did will really change others' thinking/lives .We are all equally important in our or even other's life, so don't feel ourselves hopeless and useless, people!!! Stay happy always!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009


The Enthusiasm is gone...
The Cheering is no more...
The Feeling of winning is disappeared...
The Passion to represent is not overwhelming...

Phoenix compared to MEDT1/08,
I just felt that I am no longer so into IMU Cup...

However, I will always support IMU Cup, Congrats to Phoenix to win 1 Gold so far..

Keep rocking, Phoenix!!! Do our best!!!!

Zorbing + Paintball

Tried Zorbing and Paintball for the first time, it was a very cool experience. However, I didn't feel the extreme of them yet, simply because the Zorbing we went is just for the beginner,the ground is not steep and I didn't try the water 1.I heard there is another more extreme 1 (30 degree steepness) in N. Sembilan. Hmm...Paintball- 3 games, our team have lost all of them.Lol! But it was really thrilling....Almost everyone have injured themselves except me and Natalie.I got headshot 2 times but luckily my helmet protected me! Met YH's A-level friends (Khai Ken, Aman, Jared, William, Natalie, Kala), they are cool and friendly. Really nice to know them.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cushing's Syndrome is an IMPORTANT disease!

Hyposecretion of adrenal steroids - Addison's disease

This is an uncommon disease since both adrenal glands must suffer a 90% loss of function before symptoms appear. In 25% of the cases, degeneration of the adrenal cortex is due to chronic TB. Autoimmune destruction of the cortical tissue is believed to be another cause.


1. Hypoglycemia, hyponatremia (low blood sodium) and hyperkalemia (high blood potassium).
2. Severe dehydration leads to hypovolemia. Low levels of body fluids, especially blood, will cause low blood pressure and can produce cardiac atrophy.
3. Gastrointestinal disorders
4. Low tolerance to stress or trauma
5. Hyperpigmentation due to elevated levels of ACTH in the blood.

Hypersecretion of adrenal steroids - Cushing's syndrome

Chief causes of Cushing's syndrome:

1. Hypersecretion of ACTH - Pituitary Cushing's syndrome is responsible for 60 to 70% of these cases. This condition is brought on by a pituitary adenoma.

2. Hypersecretion of adrenal steroids due to an adenoma of the adrenal cortex (20% of the cases) produces low levels of ACTH by negative feedback. This is called adrenal Cushing's syndrome.

3. Hypersecretion of ACTH by a non-endocrine cancer, e.g., lung carcinoma. This is called paraneoplastic Cushing's syndrome and is responsible for 10 to 15% of the cases.

4. Iatrogenic Cushing's syndrome is due to the long term use of glucocorticoids to control inflammation and edema or autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis.


1. Hyperglycemia due to enhanced gluconeogenesis.
2. Catabolism of body protein producing poor wound healing, easy bruising and muscular weakness.
3. Decreased immunity.
4. Hypernatremia leading to excessive water retention.
5. Hyperkalcemia and high blood pressure.
6. Shifting of fat deposits to the face ("moon face") and upper torso ("Buffalo hump").
7. In a male child - Muscular hypertrophy ("pocket Hercules").
8. In a female child or adult - Virilsm (bearded lady).

I Got Hurt Feelings

I Got HURT Feelings......
I Got HurT Feelings...............
I Got Hurt Feelings.....................
I Got HuRt Feelings...........................
I Got hUrT Feelings................................

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Confidence is really a powerful element that we should have. However, we should not let it to overwhelm us, as the saying goes "Excess is poisonous"!!! Those who are overconfident tend to be very ego and they see no one in their eyes. Those who are lack of confidence always suffer too. They always think that they are inferior, no talents, useless, stupid. A lot of things make them feel that way, not only one. That feeling is really helpless and you wish that someone will be there for you.

I am the later 1, the only thing I am different from them is I am really useless.It is a fact, not only my thought....

p/s: Pool is gone.......
Bowling is almost gone too...