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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dark world within myself

Have you ever experienced this feeling before?

Waking up after an afternoon nap and feeling so intensely that the world is so lonely, or rather yourself is so alone and lonely that there is no one there for you and only YOU yourselves? I just experienced this just now and this is not my first time to experience it.

Waking up from a dream, didn't even remember what the dream was. Surrounding was so dark. Switched on the light. Push open the door and look outside, the corridor was dark. It was so silent, nobody there. Push open the back door to go and collect my "still not dry"clothes, the wind blow, you felt so chilly. The sky was turning dark, and you felt so ALONE, LONELY.

This feeling was really bad and it made you feel so depressed and made you feel that there is no purpose in your life.

What is my purpose of life?? Who's there for me? Who am I close with? I start questioning myself....
I knew my family care for me, but somehow I wish I am closer to them, able to talk myself out to them.
I knew some my friends are really good, but somehow I don't find a real soul-mate.
Is my life going to pass just like this?
I think this reflects the world within me...
I am LONELY...:-(