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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wake Up!!!!!

I can feel that my motivation is coming back bit by bit. However, I need more motivation!!!Summative in 24 days!!!!!! Pls WAKE UP, Ickes Angelo!!!!!!! Don't waste your time anymore!!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Arm Wrestling Competition

Arm Wrestling Competition Final was just over. Female under 55kg- Paige is the winner! Damn strong la her, really scary. Female above 55kg-Melissa. Male below 60kg-Jien. Male btw 60-70kg is Shaam. Male above 70kg= Sabree!!! In the end there is an interesting fight btw the winner of male 60-70kg and above 70kg. Sabree is damn strong, knocked down Shaam, really is the strongest man in the competition, haha,what a breakdancer! Well, I joined the competition too, just for fun. Was knocked out in the first round by Melvin, haha. Ying Xin beat Millie and Natasha and get into final round against paige, not bad la her!!! Strong strong---All th winners got cash prizes RM50 each.

The "Most Retarded Person" Contest

Belle Tan Ying Xin
Nigel Khor Yen Haw
Ickes Tan Sia Yang

Guess what? After Malaysian Voting, the champion is Belle Tan Ying Xin!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Top 5 American Idol Season 8

American Idol Season 8 Top 13: Back row: Matt, Lil, Anoop, Scott
Middle row: Adam, Allison, Jorge
Front: Megan, Jasmine, Danny,Alexis, Kris, Michael

From top 13, now left top 5, who will be the winner????

Let's introduce the Top 5 American Idol Season 8

Adam Lambert

Allison Iraheta

Matt Giraud

Danny Gokey

Kris Allen

Predicted winner:

1st: Adam Lambert
2nd: Danny Gokey
3rd: Kris Allen
4th: Allison Iraheta
5th: Matt Giraud

What do you guys think?????

Friday, April 24, 2009

One of the Free Friday..

Yesterday was OHM (Official House Meeting). I am assigned to Hwa Rang house. He is our house captain. Guess what, our house name is phoenix, Red color!!! No one wants to be bowling reps, so I took it. Hehe, and....


Today we (Me, Jamie, Yen Haw, Mervyn, Jon, Qi Hao and Leon) went to practise bowling, haha.

M=Mervyn, I=Ickes, J=Jamie

First game(Yeah, I won)

Second game(Wow, Mervyn dominated the whole game)

Today no class!!!! But there is PBL, thanks to Dr. Ahmed. WTH, he made me wanna give up on medicine. To him, Thomas is the only one who s up to standard, others are not. We are nothing compared to him. Sad, made me feel myself so so stupid and helpless. Another thing troubled me is the IELTS. Must hand in before August. Dunno whether I can achieve the required grade or not, sigh! If not no more PMS option, no guarantee on Seremban too.Before going bowling, suddenly there are some issues regarding clubs and funding, supposed to go bowl at 1.30pm, dragged to 2.05pm. Sad....sorry to the ppl who have waited for us....

In the evening went to Ikano in conjunction of Earth Day Carnival, saw a lot of amazing reused stuff. Really salute those 2 Japanese people,travelled all over the world to enjoy and earn a dollar by performing special music, YH and I bought the CD, the songs are quite nice.

Group Picture 1

Group Picture 2

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lack of Motivation

I am so so lazy + no motivation, where are ALL my motivations gone??? Usually I have the strength to plan something, now not even feel like planning. WTH! Exercise, I want to!!! But I am just too lazy, very to become hardworking? How to build discipline? Really salute those who is so so discipline since Sem 1, u guys rock!!! Time is flying too fast,someody pls stop it!!!! After 1 year,IMU Cup is coming soon, feel anticipated about it!!! But too sad not same house as most of my friends....

Friday, April 17, 2009

I will be OK...

Recently I am really upset & depressed by lots of things. Partly because the workload I got from SRC (although it's just the beginning, but there's a lot of thing I m really not familiar with and very hard to come up with decision), some regarding studying (feel like giving up after my effort seems not to pay off, but I won't la, just recently always slack behind and don't have motivation to study), friendship (Sometimes I really find it hard to maintain, but I will try my best, things are getting better now, hope it will not turn back to it again), PBL faci (This Dr, Ahmed faci is really a worst faci I have-shit, have to face him for 6 weeks times 2=12 times. I mean all of us don't like him, it's not because he's not good, he knows the stuff and not quiet as CKK, but he's just too talkative and sarcastic, he expected too much from us and gave us damn a lot of learning issues, he follows the PBL time schedule so tightly, never allow to leave one minute earlier although we have done all the discussion, wth. For him, Thomas is the only student who can pass exam, not for the rest!), GI GI GI- an interesting system but I didn't keep track on the revision of lecture notes, AIR topic-haemato havn't done yet!!! The due date is on 20 April. Haemato, Respi, CVS all forgot edy, haih...must revise. And a lot of other issues that troubled me....I hope all will be ok soon...

How to maintain a friendship?

Step by Step Instructions
Difficulty: Easy

Step 1
Be an equal contributor to the friendship. Make sure your intentions are one of a giving nature, and not one of expectation. This means you are willing to give to the relationship so that it grows, and that the giving should be mutual. You do not want a one-sided friendship where you are constantly giving of yourself, while the other person sucks all your efforts dry without contributing.

Step 2
Learn to listen. Sometimes, a friend is not looking for an opinion or advice, but rather a sounding board to vent to. They often know what they need to do and have to do, but being able to express an uninterrupted thought may help them arrive at a more positive way to handle the situation. Of course, there will be times where a friend will elicit your non-judgmental advice, and then you want to give them the responsible words that will help them through the circumstances.

Step 3
Inspire and encourage your friend. A true friend will be the other person’s best cheerleader. They will encourage them to make responsible decisions and motivate them to be the best person they can be.

Step 4
Be tactful when pointing out a friend’s mistakes. You have to realize that they may not be aware of the mistake they made or may have felt justified in what they did. Use a good example, be sincere and honest, but do not harp on the situation till you are blue in the face. You will both wind up walking away with hurt feelings and a possible loss of friendship.

Step 5
Try not to be a clingy, needy and controlling friend. A healthy friendship needs breathing room, and a quality friendship will withstand the test of time and distance. Sure, you may enjoy spending time with this person, but you do not want to stifle the friendship by being with them all the time.

Step 6
Make sure you are reliable and can be counted on. In other words, saying you will be somewhere, means you will be there, and, when you cannot be, you are courteous enough to contact them ahead of time.

Step 7
Know when to agree to disagree. It is okay to have differences of opinion, because that is what makes each person in the friendship unique and interesting. But, arguing over little things that are really insignificant and petty can and will destroy the friendship.

Step 8
Learn to keep private information private. When a friend confides in you with private information, it should remain between you two and not be blabbed to anyone else. Unless, the private information is something that leads you to believe the friend is in danger or in a harmful situation, then you should help them seek out help. This may involve seeking the advice of a third party, a professional that can help you best assist the friend.

Step 9
Share and celebrate successes, milestones and accomplishments, as well as be the shoulder for the not so good times. Who better to share the good and the bad with than a friend?

"Tears may come and go,
But there's one thing I know.
All my life you're a friend of mine.
You can depend on me.
I'll be fine...
'Cause you're a friend of mine."
-Clarence Clemens

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Friendship to me is really important,I really cannot live without friends. But, the only problem I have is I don't know how to maintain most of my friendships, especially the closest 1. From stage to stage, my friends are just keep sliding away from me. I used to have few best friends in primary (Sebuyau), but after I changed school to Kuching,they were not close to me anymore. I used to have few close friends in primary school (Kuching), but after we went into different secondary school, things changed again. Now we no longer contact each other, not even occasional greeting messages.I once to have a best friend in secondary school, but after reach form 4-5, we are not that close already, each of us has our own gang. But I am glad that some of my secondary best friends are still close with me, we will hang out together when I m back in Kuching, can chitchat as usual, the friendship is still there..I used to have few close friends in NS, but after NS, we just lost contact, only few still keep in touch. I used to have few best friends in A-level, but after A-level, each of us went to different university, we are not meeting that often,only when there is birthday celebration or old gathering, but what I realized was some friends I could not talk like last time already, some are still crazy and can talk about anything. Now I am in University, I am very glad that I found a few close friends here, but one of them is already became a normal friend although I still consider him as my close friend. Recently there is one more who is going to slide away from me, haih...what can I do? I really do take him as my best friend, but maybe just sometimes due to different personalities, it makes him feel that I am not treating him as my best friend, but I really hope that our friendship will not change and will continue...Friends, for me, it's really hard to maintain..I should learn how to become a "Friend". Someone please teach me????

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Can say I will be officially take over Chin Yeong's job starting from 2moro after the signature bearer change. A lot of works to do, really. Really salute CY for doing such a great job, cheers! For me, I feel a lot to learn, since it's just the beginning, hope that I will get used to it soon. Just now just spent my few hours in SRC office, planning the budgets for clubs with the ECA form. Hmm...a lot more to learn. Recently have my lunch late, not before lecture, it's after lecture. Haih...quite busy with SRC stuff,must get a proper meal at constant time next time. O ya., yesterday played basketball with Jon they all after long long time. It's to help to train the team.Jon, Mogan and Yen Ming will be as 1 team for basketball 3 vs 3 competition(wow, it's been a year edy in IMU) Last time in sem 1 I still remember Me, gee yang and May as a team, lols, guess what? We lost all games except 1 game, which we finished draw with another team but win beacuse of freethrow y May against Gaik Si,lol!, this time hope that they can win, but they must practise on their teamwork. Jon need to be more calm and patient. Mogan need to be more cooperate and try to work as a team, Yen Ming is good, but work more on teamwork. If you guys have a better teamwork, I guess the team will be strong and have a chance to win, good luck!!!

P/s: I am lazy to exercise these past few weeks, sien! Very tired and no motivation to exercise....

Monday, April 6, 2009

SRC-New Council First Meeting

Nowadays, SPs are really hard to find. Have to take turn to become SPs with Mervyn,lols! Combine with 3 other girls-hui ying? Ya Wen and Cheryl Anne. Natasha had her Mock OSCE today. She said she couldn't finish in time, panic a bit and forgot the step, but overall still good. Jien got minus 1 point for CVS station because he has long hair, lol. Went for meeting at the meeting room in new student lounge. A lot of things were discussed. Have to go to Maybank branch at PJ to settle some bank stuff, car, who has car??? Din't has chance to have lunch until 2.30pm( Meeting causes we skip the first lec), tapao some food from canteen, went into lec, it's Prof Yasmin lec on VHF (almost finish that time). Once lec finished, immediately start to stuff the food into my poor little stomach, but soon after that Mak jun Wah came, haih...can't finish it! Kamini who was sitting beside me keep on laughing, dunno wth wrong with her. After lec have to help to move the old SRC location to a new location at LG, need to go gym already, dunno y I always have some fate with moving stuff/things/house,lols! That process quite torturing! Haha,there is a new asset in my house edy!!!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

American Idol Predicted Winner

1st- Adam Lambert
2nd- Daney Gookey
4th- Kris Allen
5th- Allison
6th-Matt Giraud

I support Lil(after Jasmine had been kicked out!), pls support her!!!!

SRC Election- Officially a SRC Treasurer

Hmm...quite happy with the SRC Election result overall except only for VP post. Both candidates are also did a great job but someone had really sacrificed more in order to get the post. Someone had put in all efforts in all the things needed to be done.Someone had quit all the posts in all the clubs just for SRC, feel sad la. But,hope that this election result won't give really huge impact. We can always work together to make IMU a better Uni for student.I will work hard as a treasurer, as well as a good academic student. Time managing, come on!!!! Went to play bowling with MeI han, Gaik Si, Leon and Mervyn.Hehe, score 136 (first game) & 105(second game), quite satisfied.Went mid valley last night with Mervyn (Haha, this guy dunno why this time followed us, good sign!), YH, Ying Xin and Natasha. At first wanted to watch the fast and the furious 4, but all the tickets had been sold out, then ended up watching "Knowing". It is quite scary as one guy got the piece of paper full of numbers which tells him the big strategy going to happen in the future, and he witnessed all the 3 Big Strategy, including the last Big Big Big 1 which kill every single people on the Earth except 2 children(including his child) who were saved by alien to the new planet!!! Overall, it is quite a good movie( star=4.0 stars)for me as Natasha who was sitting beside me kept on screaming, lol! Scared the fright out of me :>!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Academic Council Member from Partner School

There was only 1 class today,from 11.45am-12.45pm. As usual, we practised CSU on that morning. Senior invited is Teddy. No SPs this morning, haih..have to become SP by myself,lol! Found out that there are really a lot of stuffs I still don't know, haih...need to practise a lot more. After lecture, went to listen to the talk by ACM from Partner School. The speaker giving the talk on US Canada was humorous. I like the way they speak, how I wish can speak like them, lol. Met them individually after that. Actually I only went for UWA 1, coz Queensland no booth this time. Got a few additional info about that Uni. Haih...5 places only per sem, it's really hard to get, sigh...must fight for it! 2pm we practised CSU again, senior Ate my lnch at 4.30pm. Lol, played pool at student lounge with Mervyn, Nat, Kala after that...Haematology is not easy, haih.... Academic is the first priority, Curriculum will only be judged if we got same ranking as others!!!!!So, study hard!!!!