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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A long long TAG by Esther


Title: Game of Happiness

The rules:

1. Answer the following questions and post it on your blog.
2. At the end of the questionnaire, add a question that you want to ask.
3. Then tag 10 person, you can tag someone who has already been tagged ---- thanks to this rule :)
4. You have to inform the person that you tagged.
5. Tell the person who tagged you that you have completed the questionnaire after completion
6. Do not ignore the tag, or you happiness will be gone! [You can ignore the tag... if you really don't want to do it.]

1. My name: Tan Sia Yang (most ppl call me Ickes now)
2. My birthday: 6th of November
3. Who tagged you: Esther
4. Name five best buddies: Matthew, Yen Haw, Aaron, Chiang Lung, Yann Er
6. Your most desirable birthday present: Every presents that my friends have given me..
8. Recently stressed about?: Stressing to change myself to be better.
9. What would you want to do in the future: Be a caring doctor.
10. Do you have someone that you like?: It's complicated!
11. Would you invite your teachers for gatherings?: Erm...most of the time nope.
12. With who do you feel the happiest when you go out?: Some friends...
13. When two good friends of yours quarrel, you would: try to stop them and give advices to both of them.
14. Where would you like to go the most with your lover: somewhere both of us like.
15. What do you want to do on Christmas: Meet up with my friends,spend time with family...
16. Who do you want to be with on Christmas: Family and friends!
17. Do you have morning grumpiness: i guess.
18. How many siblings do you have: 2 elder sister, 1 younger brother... :D
19. Favourite song (female singer(s)): SHE (Yuan Hai Gong Lu De Chu Kou)
20. Favourite song (male singer(s)): Jay Chou (Shi Luo Fei Zhu Liu)
21. Favourite colour: Black!!!
22. Do you flush after using the toilet: Yes
23. Do you love me?: uhh... who?

The Tagged..

1. Kang Ling
2. Chiang Lung
3. Shu Pin
4. Jew Xun
5. Yen Haw
6. Maxbie
7. Manlo
8. Lilian
9. Kuan Heng
10. Ying Xin

01- Does no.4 know no.6: Yes
02- Is no.10 a guy or a girl: Girl
03- No.8's interest is: dota?
04- Does no.1 have any siblings: Yes, 1 younger bro
05- No.7's surname: Kwok
06- Is no.10's relationship with people good?: Yes
07- Is someone after no.4?: idea!
08- How about no.2?: dunno too.
09- What is no.6's favourite colour: No idea.....
10- Are no.3 and no.10 friends?: I don't think they know each other.
11- No.8's birthday is on: Donno, can search facebook!
12- Where is no.5 studying: IMU, Malaysia
13- How did you get to know no.10: My orientation member, dress code partner
14- How far apart is your birthday and no.1's birthday: don't know... :S
15- Have you gone out to play with no.9 before: play as in yamcha?..Seldom
16- Do you like to chat with no.2: Yes
17- Do you like being around no.3: Yes
18- What do you think about no.7: A nice friend.He will be a caring doctor in the future

[Should know them better...come let's gather]

1. Who sent you this questionnaire: Esther
2. How long have you known each other: 9 months
3. Do you think he(she) is important to you: err,maybe. Her notes are very good.
4. Your relationship with him(her)is: friend.
5. His(her) interest is: A lot i think-breakdance, cheerleading,....
6. What do you think of his(her) personality: sometimes talkative, sometimes very quiet?
7. How does he(she) score in your heart: I skip this question!
*First thing you do before sleeping: set alarm in hp
*First thing you do after waking up: go to toilet
*Your idol is: Jay Chou
*Your favourite season: Winter
*Have you worked before: Yes
*Number of times you have worked: 3
*Countries that you want to travel to: Australia
*What personality do you hate: People who don't keep their promises, backstabbers
*Do you smoke: No
*Do you drink: Erm....sometimes, but very little
*Do you cry often: Not often.
*Do you laugh often:I think so.
*Where do you like to go to play: Play ar? Hmm...anywhere which is interesting!
*Do you go alone when you go out to play: No.
*What is the latest time that you would wake up during holidays: 1.30pm
*Today's weather is (fine/gloomy/rainy): gloomy. So many dark clouds.Strong wind almost blows away the roof
*Friends and lover, you would choose: I wish I can handle them equally, but a bit more to lover I guess?
*Chance and fate, you would choose: Chance =)
*Are you vain: Erm...should ask my friends? Am I vain?
*Have you punched ear hole(s) before: Nope, I want to but never try.
*Is this questionnaire long?: Yes... very...
*How would you let yourself feel better: Play games, listening to music
*Do you like ice-cream: Yeah.. :)
*Are you happy and blessed at the moment: Yes...!!!
*Which of your friends do you care the most: My close friends
*What's the most important thing in the room: Bed...
*What do you frequently dream about: Random things, usually forgot what I dreamt about when i wake up.
*Would you forgive a guy/girl thinking of someone else?: Huh? Means my girl or what? I will forgive her I guess.
*What do you think the meaning of living is: Be urself and chase upon ur dream!

Monday, December 29, 2008


This morning I went to Kuching Specialised Hospital to visit a friend of mine. She had been admitted into hospital since 26/12 (Friday night) after have high fever that night.Her blood sample have been taken and the result shows the number of platelets is decreasing.It's dengue!Saw her "lack of sleep" face, hmm...really hope that she can recover soon...she must stay in hospital for another 3-4 days..which means she will countdown New Year 2009 in hospital, sad case. Everyone must beware of mosquitoes!! Shit mosquitoes!!

At night, I followed my parents to visit DO's house. Wah....his house is damn big!!!7 rooms on top floor, 2 rooms, 3-4 kitchens on the ground floor..and we saw a lot of cats, not the normal 1, they are all expensive and high class cats, those Persian, the cats that we saw on TV, so many of them!!!!


28 Dec---A lot of our friends went back to KL 2day....included Shu Pin, Lii chyuan, Richard and those who are studying in KL, hmm...msg came again...wanna nurge??? Haha, it's Nertz ok? They could not live without Nertz liao. Lols! We(Me, my bro, Jenny, Jew Xun, Chiang Lung, Char Sing) met up at Boulevard, where there is a fun fair. At first planned to play the Canned drink game in fun fair, but it is not open 2day? So, we just wandering inside boulevard, nothing to see much. Next we went to Isabella. Haha, heard from Chiang Lung the drinks there expensive huh? So we first tapao some canned drink from Food Avenue, sneak the drink into Isabella. Wakaka, in the end we only save about RM0.70. Lols! Well, chitcatting and Nertz there. Until 11pm, Jenny complaint that she is hungry, wants to eat some porridge. good appetite, don't judge the book by its cover!(In this case refers to Jenny, She is very thin but her stomach is huge, Lols!) We went to Open Air Market(MUK KEH) to eat porridge, the porridge 2nite not that nice.(Usually tapao home nicer!!!)Played the number game there, CL ar, u have lost 6 times, haih...can go buy Toto or 4D liao since you guess the numbers so accurate, haha!


27 Dec---I have helped my auntie to pack a hamper, my second sis helped me too...hmm...almost forgot how to make a hamper fan's been almost 1 year since I work as a hamper boy at Everrise. Hehe, remembered that time need to pack a lot of hampers everyday,even during the time near CNY, but not bad too la,I have learnt some skills..wakaka!

Nice or not??? Anyone who want to ask me to pack a hamper? Got discount o...

Boxing Day +Dinner at The BanQuet

26 Dec 2008---Happy Boxing Day to everyone!!!!!2day have dinner with parents, DO and wife, friends. Dinner at The Banquet (Shan Chuan), we were having seafood steamboat, my bro and I ordered Fish and Chips,it is quite a big portion, RM16..

O ya, I took my new spec 2day...hehe.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Countdown 2008 & Celebration!

It's Christmas Eve, hehe! Jew Xun, Jenny, Shu Pin, Richard and I gathered at Chicago for a drink,chit-chatting, and of course Nertz battle.Lols! We did a lot of crazy things as a punishment for King game.Well, there are videos for it but I just don't want to upload it because they are quite lame.

One of the punishment for King Game---Richard making Ghost Face
And we stayed at Chicago for many hours because later wanna go countdown for Christmas. Jew Xun went back first because his parents would not allow him stay out so late. So, only 4 of us went to the Spring for countdown,there were so many people there and the traffic was jammed.Glad that we made it on time to countdown although we have to turn 1 big round back to find parking.Here's the video:

Wohoo!!!!! It's Christmas today!!!

At 11a.m, we gathered again at Crowne Square, Enter-K to sing K. There are Chiang Lung, Aaron, Jenny, Richard, Bao Liang, Jew Xun, Char Sing, Lee Juin and I.
Hehe, guess what we were singing in the room, CHRISTMAS SONG IS A MUST right??? Hehe.


O ya, and after Karaoke, we met Kuan Heng, Wei Liang, Jiun Sheng, Cheng Kim and Vui Lung. We then went to yamcha...

They came to my house after that, we tapao Kolomee...hehe! And my parents, eldest sis and bro came back from Sebuyau at around 9pm, ordered Pizzas!!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tagged by my cousin, Kang Ling!

Wishing everyone a happy Merry Christmas!!!

So yeah,doing the quiz Kang Ling asked me to do

1)Who are your beloved?
Family and friends

2)What is the thing that you want most now?
A lucky year 2009 to come

3)What are the goals you want to achieve in?
A lot, too much very well in exams, master guitar skills...

4)What are you afraid to lose?
My family members,friends. Without them my life will be meaningless!

5)If you have one more wish to wish for, what will it be?
Hope that my family and friends will stay healthy always.

6)Do you believe in ETERNAL love?

7)If you met someone you love a lot, will you confess to him/her?
Depends on situation and opportunity.

8)What would you do with 200 bucks?
Not much thing I can do with it, Lols. Just spent RM200 yesterday, bought 2 slacks and a spec.

9)What are your favourite colours?
I like dark colours, especially black, and one of my friend told me that I like red because I have a lot of red things, eg:hp, sport shoe, lols.

10)What type of people you hate most?
The person who talk bad behind people, not keeping promise

11)Which country do you want to go now?
Australia! Any country out of Malaysia!

12) Who makes you laugh?
Friends, family, cousins :D

13)What are you doing now?
This quiz.

14)Do you find a need to find a stead?

15)What do you want your friendship to be like?

16)Your horoscope is?

17)Do you like eating paos?
Erm, yea, Char Siew Pao especially!!!

18)Do you like anyone now?
Erm...not sure too....maybe ya, it's complicated!

19)Who would you spend your day with if this your last day?
Family, friends.

20)Are you in a relationship now?

Instruction: Remove 1 question from above and add in your personal question. Make it a total of 20 question, then tag 7 people in your list. list them out at the end of this post. Notify them in their tagboard that they have been tagged. Whoever does this tag will get a BLESSING from all :)

The 7 people that I chose:
1. Ying Xin
2. Yen Haw
3. Keili
4. Chiang Lung
5. Shu Pin
6. Jew Xun

Shit Triangle 7 Bottle

While reading newspaper today, I saw this on the main page of See Hua Daily News. Triangle seven bottle causes harm???? I took my bottle and turned it upside down, OMG!!!what I saw is a triangle 7 too!!! and the word PC means polycarbonate.Wth, I have been using this bottle for more than 6 months I guess...and now I just know this...shit! According to the article, the plastic bottle will release chemical bisphenol A even though put at room temperature. And it will cause harms such as damage to sexual organs, tumour worsen, breast cancer cell has abnormal change, sperm count decreases. Research had shown those who exposed to bisphenol A has higher risk to get heart disease and diabetes too. So, anyone who is still using platic bottle which has triangle 7 printed on the base, pls throw it away!!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Santubong Trip

3 days 2 night trip was just over!!! 7 of us + 1 cute dog, Uno.
From front to back: Lee Juin, Jenny, Char Sing, Jew Xun, Ickes, Richard, Chiang Lung Uno being assassinated, hehe!

Back home yesterday, same day as my second sis coming back from Sebuyau. Yeah,the trip was super fun,we explored the beach, played lots of funny and crazy games: Nertz, “Super Marathon”, Treasure Hunt, Angel game, Heart Attack, Fruit game, Guess Words, “Now can not smile” game, “No me, you, him/her” game, King game, bluff…lols!

Day 1
Check in around 2pm, and then go to swimming pool!!!! Meet Jiun Sheng and his friends there. Trying to learn breaststroke, but still can’t master it properly, lols! We stayed inside swimming pool for quite a few hours. We played “Monkeys catch ball” and so called “Pilot & Gundam” game?? Dunno what is it called?-which involves 2 person as 1 team, 1 people sit on top of the shoulder of the other and try to push another team into the water , whoever fall first will be the loser. Have steamboat as dinner, cool!!!
At night we stayed in the room play all type of card games,with wasabi sushi as punishment, u guess until what time? Haha, until 4am.Lols, they starting to love Nertz edy…..I am a super spreader…

Day 2
Richard and Jew Xun went for breakfast today since there are only 2 tickets and total are 7 people. They went at about 10am although the breakfast time is from 6.30am-10.30am, lols! Only left some mihun, laksa and noodles, others are finished edy.We went to the lobby to play billiard, smaller table than pool 1.

As for our lunch, we have Maggie Mee and orange juice in the room. Raining outside,so stayed in the room to play card games again,Lols. After that, 4 of us (Me, Char Sing, Jew Xun and Richard) go to the beach
while others stay in the room to take bath. We explore around the beach and try to find any treasure on the beach. The beach is quite small compared to Damai beach and it’s quite dirty too, we can see rubbish and branches on the shore, haih…Human should wake up by now and act fast, or else “The day the Earth stood still” will start to play…haha.These are the treasure we found for our friends.

We found jellyfish(blue colour) on the beach too, beside it is a seashell.

Went to Teo Seafood restaurant at Kampung Buntal to have seafood,ordered 5 dishes, Steamed Garlic Garoupa Fish
Curry Bamboo Mussel
Sour Sweet Tofu Soup
Mixed vegetables

starting to guess the price after dinner. Jenny got the nearest guess (RM120) while Jew Xun got the furthest guess is Jew Xun(RM151), haha, the correct price is RM123, what a lucky number!! I drove Pajero platform no. QKE 123 too.Hehe, and the table no. is 23, our hotel room is 7321, all numbers are so coincident!! 123 always exist.Hmm…should buy 4D or Toto liao…We spent the night watching TV, playing cards and other crazy games.Well, today until 3am…hehe.

Day 3
Chiang Lung and I woke up at 9am and went for breakfast. We completed the risky mission to tapao some food for other friends.Haha,we did it!And we have recorded it down, here's the video,Yeah!

Richard and Jew Xun went to swim in the pool but only for a while. They said a lot of aunties there, not much Chinese too, Lols.And you guess what the girls were doing??? They were sleeping soundly that time.
The hotel staff keeps on calling to remind us to check out at around 12pm, but we just pleased her that we will leave latest by 1pm,so these were what we did in the roon, hehe!

around 1.30pm she called again.Lols, and then we only left the room. Hehe. Play pool today. Haih….my pool skill nowadays super sucks, maybe too long didn’t play edy. Hmm…should practice when Sem 3 starts…