Nuffnanger :-)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Exam. Holiday

Have you changed your Choice of Specialty??? Or still remain your choice??

Exam in 12 days revision is progressing slow...slow like a crab??

CVS many systems to study!!!

Can't wait for the life after exam, it will be fun!!!

13--26 June: SGH (Singapore General Hospital) Clinical Attachment(Orthopedic & Neurosurgery Departments) + of course Singapore Trip :-) <18 June>---EOS 5 Result Release, Gan Jiong!

26-27 June: Moving House to B2-13-6, :-)

28-30 June: Some short trip? (Genting? Cameroon? Melaka? Sunway Lagoon?? )

1 July-7 July: KK Trip + KK Mount Climbing!!!

7 July: Fly back Kuching

7 July-18 August: Family Sweet Time, Kuching Friends Hanging Out Hours, Lots of Trips & Plans

19 August: Fly back KL

20 August: Convocation for Phase I Medicine (ME1/08)

23 August: BMed Sci Course starts.....><

Ok, gonna study now..........><

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hopeless Ickes

Ickes, can you tell me what u r doing now???

Why cant't you focus??? Please this is your critical week le..

You wanna fail your exams isit?? Have you forgetten your aim and target??

A- le, how r you going to achieve that??

Sigh....please la, leave fb for these 2 weeks first and just stop that fb game first!

Just focus ba, FOCUS FOCUS Pls I beg you, haih..........

You are really hopeless...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Official Hand-Over Ceremony

Finally, my term as SRC Treasurer had come to an end today when we have an official hand-over ceremony,at the auditorium, will miss the moment working/chatting with everyone in the council, arrgh...anyway this kind of experience can only be obtained once in the lifetime and it is wonderful must focus focus in studying, hopefully the time to come in IMU will be more exciting on next semester!!!

Wave Good Bye to Mr. Treasurer!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

MBBS, BMed Sci Double Degree, woot woot! finally got the result offer of BMed Sci Aug 2010 intake!! Yea, will be staying 1 more year here in IMU. Must work very hard in doing research and I want my research to be published in the journal, hehe!!!! Must set high target to be the best researcher ever, find cure for cancer!!!

Ickes, your pathway has already shown out more clearly now:

IMU----MBBS (Phase I) 2/2008----6/2010
IMU----BMed Sci Degree 8/2010----8/2011
ANU----MBBS (Phase II) 2/2012---12/2013

Then----Dr. Tan!!!! (hehe)--now still a noob!! But I must work harder and harder!!!

Woot woot, double degree!!! Hehe...

ANU---my dream school!! I must go there, please let me go, okie??

Hopefully the above will be my pathway for my clinical school, okie??