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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Top 5 Biggest Constellation???

 I am always interested in Astronomy....hehe. I bought a book to study about stars and constellation!!

The real number of constellation is actually 88, not 12. They are even be positioned according to their sizes.U want to know what are the top 5 biggest constellation?

No.1: Hydra (The Water Snake)

No.2: Virgo (The Maiden)

No.3: Ursa Major (The Great Bear)

No.4: Cetus (The Whale)

No.5: Hercules (Hercules)

3rd Day of Posting

Today I reached clinic later than the day before, I called the nurse to ask her to inform the doctor that I was stucked in traffic jam, lol! Lucky me! Hmm...2day saw 32 cases in the morning and 14 cases in the evening. I went out to have brief history taking session with 2 patients before the doctor come,lol. Today the doctor used a lot of equipments including ultrasound for fibroid scanning, ECG to detect any heart abnormalities, nebuliser for asthma aggravated by URTI case, stitching and nail removing for accident case, attempt to remove foreign body which entered the eye. many different cases today....tomorrow is my last day of posting....lalala, will miss the time of learning with doctors and nurses, but not the fact that I have to wake up early! :-(

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2nd Day of Posting

Reached clinic at about 8.10am, hehe, the doctor just reached a while before me. Today there were 30 cases in the morning and 15 cases in the afternoon. A lot of familiar faces today because there were few same people who were coming back for follow up. This includes an old woman the day before who has to come back to change her dressing. A lot of medical check up tests today. And I saw 2 familiar faces-Sebuyau people today. Heard from them that there are dengue/ chikungunya outbreak in Sebuyau right now. Now the fogging activity is carried out in Sebuyau. And today managed to ask the family history from a patient with hypertension. Visited the dispensary counter with all the drugs, forgot all my pharmacology knowledge already, haih........

p/s: 2 more days to go..........and 2009 also 2 more days to be gone!!!

      I am wishing 2010 will be a great year for me, u, and everyone!!!!!

     I will be going back to Sebuyau on 1/1/2010, but before that must have a party at home (New Year's Eve) with family!!!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

1st Day of GP Posting

Sem 4 GP Posting has just started. I am now doing mine at Asia Clinic, Jalan Pandungan. I am indeed very lucky again to get such a good doctor, Dr. Robert Kho. He graduated his MBBS from Singapore and specialized his Geriatric qualification from Australia. The clinic operates from 8am to 12pm for the morning session and 2pm to 4.30pm for the evening session. I thought the clinic starts at 8.30pm and I was late on the first day, aiyo, bad impression! I observed 27 cases in the morning and 19 cases in the evening. The cases included common illnesses like cough, fever, immunization, leg pain and mostly medical check up for those who wanted to pursue their studies overseas in New Zealand or Australia. There was an old woman with a lump (granulation tissues) interlinked with broken toe nail. She is indeed a happy old woman I have seen, very interesting. She still can be so optimistic over the growth of lump on her toe. Dr. Kho injected local anesthesia at 4 points at lateral sides of the toe (2 on each side). I saw she hold the pain when the needle being poked in, she still can be so tough. Hmm...good good. Finally, the nail(foreign body which is an ideal place for the bacteria to grow, according to the Dr.) had been removed and the granulation tissue was also being cut off. She was so thankful after the simple procedure the doctor had done, :-)

Me: Dr, what was the most unique/special case you have seen in here?
Dr: Every case is special! They are all different.
Me: Wow....(I say this in my heart)

The doctor I am following now is very good, kind. He explained well and treated every patients very good. This could be proved when 1 of the old patient purposely came to give him fried kueh tiaw (if I didn't see wrongly) and few patients told me that he is a very good doctor. Hmm....I want to be like him...I feel very noob as his student now,lol!

p/s: Ah Gong choked during lunch time, it gave me a fright, luckily he was alright after that.
      Went to fun fair with Lee Juin, Jenny, Char Sing, Jason and Kang Jie at night, spent RM14 while Kang Jie spent RM16,not worth it to play all the mini games,lalala...but Tacada is super fun!! Hehe, but regret that my record of video on it was not saved, aiyo. The break dancer was so so great, he could stabilize himself on the spinning wheel and dance with the music, how I wish I could dance like him:-(

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!!

Today is Christmas Day!!!!!! Happy Merry Xmas to everyone!!

So how did I celebrate my Christmas Eve??
Hmm....there was a Christmas Potluck Party in my house...
Hehe, btw, only 7 people came...
We had a very great dinner...
Fried rice, nuggets, sausages, french fries, fried kueh tiaw, pao, longan 7-up...
There was Christmas Present Exchange too...
Hehe, I got an optical mouse as exchange with my penguin mini fan.

p/s: My parents and relatives are coming back to Kuching later 2day...
      We are going for family trip 3 days 2 night-Sematan, wohoo!!! Will not be updating my blog till I come   back!
      My bro bought a Nokia N97....damn I wish to have 1 too,lol!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

23 Dec 2009

I watched movies on pps---Jennifer's Body & Zombieland just now.

Jennifer's body is ok, great to see the pretty actress, hehe!
Zombieland is hopeless man, not nice though some part is funny...well, I thought it will be nice :-(

Did nothing today, basically just sit at home and watch movies,lol!

2moro will organize some sort of Potluck and Present Exchange Christmas celebration at my house!
Hopefully more people will turn up!

Well, and Christmas Day, maybe will go Sematan with family, wohoo!!! Anticipating for it!!!!

Aiyoyo, GP Posting is going to start soon, and I have forgotten my stuff, should faster revise and be smart, sien, yet I am still doing nothing but only sleep, eat, watch, play, supposed to have fun isn't it??? But I don't wanna suffer in Sem 5 le....arrgh,,,,haih....

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


When people have chosen their right field, they can do so well..........
But for me, I didn't do very well.....and yet my Ultimate Plan is not out...
I doubt myself, can I really do these?
Can I really be what I want to be??
I am afraid, when people ask me...I cannot answer them..
I am upset, when people is in pain, while I cannot help them.
Is it worthy for a people like me to study in this field?
I know life is short, but I still do nothing to it...
I know there is nothing/no one to be blamed,
I should just blame myself....

Monday, December 21, 2009

Life is really Unpredictable

I was told by one of my friend that his secondary friend had just passed away last night.
He is a guy with nice personality...and he is just 21...
But he just left the world without any notification and just so sudden..
Life is really short and we cannot judge what is approaching ahead of our lives??


And one of my friend is also involved in a car accident few days ago, luckily he is alright now...thanks God!!
He had 5-6 stitches on his head...
It just happened at that split seconds when he could not expect bad thing to happen..
And everything was just occurred and he  didn't even know bad thing had happen to him....


Live a simple life, be happy every moment, treasure your love ones!!!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Official Holiday has just Started!!!!

Wohoo, selective exam had finished edy....finally official holiday has started now....

Summative result will be out later, haih...sien. Just hope that I can get what I want, please?? Give me what I want, ok?

Going to 1 Utama later, hmm....will need to buy few stuff/ presents.....don't know what should I buy, and plus I have not much money left already.....I am broke...

Going back Kuching on 19 Dec, hehe, my grandpa's birthday!!!!! So excited, wakaka!!!

20 Dec...Party at Delon's house!!

Then 22 Dec.....Xiao Yaw's birthday celebration!!!!

28-31 Dec....GP Posting in Asia's Clinic!!!!

Should really plan well for my holiday......must not be wasted like every holidays I had....

An Ultimate Plan is coming up soon!!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Genting Trip....Casino!!! Woot!!!

Yesterday was indeed a very tiring day but it was quite fun. Went up to Genting with a bunch of friends (7 people)-Me, YH, Natasha, Jamie, Han Hong, Matt & Kar Mun. We departed from Vista at around 9.30am, then reached KL Sentral at about 11am, told that the bus service already full and the next bus scheduled at 2pm, shit. Have to take 2 taxis up to Genting. Managed to get RM90 for each cab after much tolak-menawar (actually we have no objection towards the prices of RM95, but we just wanted to get some snacks before heading off, the person thought that we wanted to reject the offer, he straight away said he will give RM90,lol! We stopped half way to buy doughnut and to eat lunch. So, why go Genting this time??? Haha, of course is to enter the Casino, finally!!! I have waited for so long and now I am officially 21, hehe. But before that we went for the outdoor theme park first. It's RM44 per entry, and we managed to play 4 games only (Pirate Ship, Roller Coaster, Karts and Space Shot), yet they are exciting. 2 of them are quite thrilling. Havnt tried Roller Coaster since long time edy and it's now I step up onto the roller coaster. Some more this time I sat alone, told myself that it is not that scary, and after boarded, it was not that scary though, hehe! Space Shot is another 1, before try it, I feel damn afraid while looking at others playing it, then when reached my turn, wow...scary, went up to the top, count down 12 seconds, then woosh!!! The space shot suddenly drop down, and I can't feel my butt sitting on the chair,lol, but the feeling is quite fun, haha! Played some mini games and won a small seahorse, Han hong won a big Teddy Bear after spent RM70,hmm.... After theme park, we went to Casino, first time walking in the Casino, feel damn noob and dont know a lot of games, made a Genting card and played slot machine in the end and my gamble luck is really not good, lost RM10 (haha, luckily didn't play much though. If play more I think will lose more), Han Hong won back his money, geng! Had dinner at Marry Brown and boarded a bus back to Titiwangsa LRT station,RM6.60 per way. Damn nauseated when heading back coz Jamie and me are the only ones who sit facing backwards,lol! Damn headache...reached home feeling so tired but have to complete my stuff until 3am....havnt done yet!


FRIM visit was just a bit crap, nothing much.....all the meetings canceled, thanks God!

2moro will go sing K and watch The Princess and the frog at Sunway, hehe....

Saturday, December 12, 2009


I was sleeping soundly and didn't know why I woke up suddenly, surrounding was covered in electricity, no light, no wind...It was super hot, I tried to calm myself and wanted to sleep back but I failed...

No one wanted to stay in dark, everybody went out, left me alone at home...

Went out to check the main switch, pushed it up, it worked!!!

Relief....hooray, went back into sleep peacefully...

Friday, December 11, 2009

Kuching here i come....

Time flies....
Selective almost comes to its end...
Next week is assessment week....
Visit report, Video, Poster, Written exam....
After that holiday
And I will be back to Kuching, here I come!!!!

Watched Storm Warrior II just now. Well, feel that it is not as nice as the first 1....
Should settle everything before I head back...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Woot, Products from Philippine

My friends came back from Philippine today and they brought me the products from there, great!!!!

Philippine Dried Mangoes, nice!!!

Crispy Pili (Philippine's Special), my friend recommended this!!!

Haha, again, Mazapan de Pili (candy), my friend said I am a white mouse to this coz he havnt tried it b4..

Well, this is not from Philippine, just a random pic, what is it looks like for you???

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

15 Immune Boosting Foods


An old folk remedy, extract from these dark berries appears to block flu viruses in test tube studies. And a few small studies done in people show it may help you recover more quickly from flu. But scientists caution that further study is needed. The fruit itself is rich in antioxidants and may also have the ability to fight inflammation.

Button Mushrooms

Don't dismiss the lowly mushroom as nutrient poor: It has the mineral selenium and antioxidants. Low levels of selenium have been linked to increased risk of developing more severe flu. And the B vitamins riboflavin and niacin, found in these mushrooms, play a role in a healthy immune system. Animal studies have also shown mushrooms to have antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-tumor effects.

Acai Berry

Hawked as a "super food" along with produce like blueberries, the little acai berry's dark color signals that it is high in antioxidants called anthocyanins. While the acai is not scientifically linked to specific disease- or illness-fighting ability, antioxidants may help your body fight aging and disease. Acai berries can be found most often in juice or smoothie form, or dried and mixed with granola.


Aphrodisiac? Immune boosters? Maybe both, thanks to the mineral zinc that's found in oysters. Low zinc levels have been associated with male infertility.  And zinc appears to have some antiviral effect, although researchers can't explain why. However, they do know it is important to several immune system tasks including healing wounds.


Hydrating and refreshing, ripe watermelon also has plenty of a powerful antioxidant, glutathione. Known to help strengthen the immune system so it can fight infection, glutathione is found in the red pulpy flesh near the rind.


This is another source of immune-strengthening glutathione. And cabbage is easy and inexpensive to find during the winter months when it's in season. Try adding cabbages of any variety (white, red, Chinese) to soups and stews to sneak in extra antioxidants and boost your meal's nutritional value.


A handful of almonds may shore up your immune system from the effects of stress. A recommended 1/4 cup serving carries nearly 50% of the daily recommended amount of vitamin E, which helps boost the immune system. And they have riboflavin and niacin, B vitamins that may help you bounce back from the effects of stress.


Grapefruits have a good amount of vitamin C. But science has yet to prove that you can easily get enough vitamin C through foods alone, without supplementation, to help treat cold and flu. However, grapefruit is packed with flavonoids -- natural chemical compounds that have been found to increase immune system activation.  Dislike grapefruits? Try oranges or tangerines.

Wheat Germ

Wheat germ is the part of a wheat seed that feeds a baby wheat plant, so it is full of nutrients. It has zinc, antioxidants, and B vitamins among other vital vitamins and minerals. Wheat germ also offers a good mix of fiber, protein, and some good fat. Substitute wheat germ for part of the regular flour called for in baked goods and other recipes.

Low-Fat Yogurt

A daily cup may reduce your chances of getting a cold.  Look for labels listing "live and active cultures." Some researchers believe they may stimulate your immune system to fight disease. Also look for vitamin D. Recent studies have found a link between low vitamin D levels and an increased risk of cold and flu.


Garlic offers several antioxidants that battle immune system invaders. Among garlic's targets are H. pylori, the bacteria associated with some ulcers and stomach cancer. Cooking tip: Peel, chop and let sit 15 to 20 minutes before cooking to activate immune-boosting enzymes.


Known as a "super food," spinach is nutrient-rich.  It has folate, which helps your body produce new cells and repair DNA. And it boasts fiber, antioxidants, such as vitamin C, and more. Eat spinach raw or lightly cooked to get the most benefit.


Green or black? Both are loaded with disease-fighting polyphenols and flavonoids. These antioxidants seek out cell-damaging free radicals and destroy them. Caffeinated and decaf work equally well.

Sweet Potato

Like carrots, sweet potatoes have the antioxidant beta-carotene, which mops up damaging free radicals. Sweet potatoes also boast vitamin A, which is linked to slowing the aging process and may reduce the risk of some cancers.


Easy to find at the grocery store and incorporate into meals, broccoli is an immune-boosting basic. One study reported a chemical in broccoli helped stimulate the immune systems of mice. Plus, it's full of nutrients that protect your body from damage.  It has vitamins A, vitamin C, and glutathione.  Add some low-fat cheese to round out a side dish with immune-enhancing B vitamins and vitamin D.

*Taken from WebMD website

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Sorry, i am an emo boy, have to type something emo again....
I am really selfish, self concerned and care all about myself only,
I didn't try to care, feel the feelings of my surrounding friends,
I am really sorry if I have offended some of  you,
I should set a goal by now,
I need to start caring for everyone around me,
start to take note of every small things,
I need to care, that's all!!!
I need to CARE!!!
  • I am really confused of myself
          that I am not sure what I really want.
  • Feel that by this age I should know how to manage myself properly
          and shouldn't be lazy anymore,
           but I just couldn't do it
  •  Feel that I should have grown up
          but my thinking now is still immature
  •  Feel that I am such a failure
           compared to a lot of successful people out there

           they already earned so much money

           and with so much capabilities, knowledge and principles
  •  They knew so many stuff
          and are talent in everything

          and I am just so lousy in everything...:-(

p/s: I have forgotten everything I have learnt, slap slap myself!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Eternal Life??

New perspective of life??? Hmmm...I finally graduated from the 3 Days Dao Seminar, haha. It was indeed a very long (from 7-6.30pm everyday), hard (need to wake up at 5.30am everyday) yet very informative (17 lectures, imagine that!) plus touching (tears shake occur but not mine) experience. I learnt a lot about life from it. However I still need some time to truely seen through it.I know it is good, precise but I just need to know it more and deeper. I have make an oath to help others.....maybe I will wait for a suitable time. We all deserve to get to there, and I really want all my lovely family members, great friends and the one I love to be there. Life is not all about studying, working, earning money, enjoying!!! We should do something more meaningful!!! :-)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Too Tired to say anything

I am really really TIRED...................

Need to wake up at 5.30am again........

Arrhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

It's a Tiring Day

Ya, I skipped my 2 selective classes, council meeting today to attend a seminar talk about Dao in Kepong. It is a 3 days seminar. Woke up at 7am and went there. Imagine we have to sit and listen to 7 talks for almost 11 hours, but there are 5 minutes break in between each talk...wah, really tired...and I can't imagine 2moro I have to wake up at 5.45am because the class will start at 7am. Hmm....and it will last until 6.30pm again, wish me luck and grant me more energy for this. Sunday is another tiring day for me....walala..

p/s: Saturday have to rush back for Daniel's Christmas Party....and I can only eat vegetarian food for these 3 days..

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Day in IMU

Today woke up at 8.30am, went to Tan Sri Abu Bakar's lecture----Quality of healthcare. Didn't really understand what he wanted to say, lol. The meaning is too deep, then second lecture is Yeoh Peng Nam---History of Traditional Chinese medicine,lol, I was just playing the snake game in my phone. Swt!  Then, makan...
after that stay for duty for 4 hours to settle the documents and reply e-mails. At night plan to watch Christmas production in school, but too tired and slept until 8pm. Lol, went to uni at about 8.40pm but the show almost finish dy..haih...

p/s: How I wish I can talk and joke like him....I am just not good in talking ><

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Finally 2012...

Selective 2day is quite ok, learn about chiropractic and benefits of algae. Discovered there are actually so many algae products useful for anti-neoplastic purposes. Hmm....helped to count pre-matching result after class. Post graduate not much students chose, or maybe most of them just didn't put/hand in/ gave the wrong choices.. Hope I can get my 1st choice....Went to times square to Sing K at Neway, damn expensive-RM22, kena con, but included rice + drink la. Then, watched 2012, finally after 2 failed attempts to watch the movie. It was not bad, I like it but not as much as the day after 2moro. But, overall it was nice. Had BBQ Plaza as dinner. Today spent quite a lot, hmm...shouldn't go out till next week........