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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Day 5 of CNY supposed to go to Matt and Faye's house to bai nian, but then was tired in the afternoon, then lazy to go edy. Maybe will only go 2moro, or maybe not going since our house quite far from each other and my Pajero was not here(It was at Sebuyau). So I also stayed at home the whole day. My sis's friend (Slyvia & baby & Husband)came to visit our house today. Well, my bro went out the whole day, he was even overnight at his friend's house. My friends (Chiang Lung, Shu Pin, Yew Xun, Lii Chyuan, Aaron and Jin Long?) came over my place at 8.30pm++ while I was eating noodles, watching House at the same time,hehe! Well, we did play Mahjong for 2 rounds, Shu Pin won first round while I won second round. Next we started out first gambling this year.Haha we played small, everyone will take turn to become "Zhuan Jia" for 5 rounds, Min bet=RM0.10, Max bet= RM0.50-0.70. Lols, in the end I still lose RM1.80, well I guess the big winner is either Aaron or Yew Xun la. We watched "Ghost mirror" from pps for a while, it was really scary, thrilling enough, haha, u guys should watch it too. Exchanged some movies from Aaron's external hardisk. They stayed at my place until 1.30am, thanks to Nertz addiction. It was a close match though.

p/s: My grandpa went back old house...and thanks God that the water didnt rise so much till entering the house yesterday.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

4th day of CNY

Stayed at home the whole day. Nothing much! Just watch house season 5 from pp stream. My xiao ku went back to Sri Aman, my parents also went back Sebuyau today. Uncle Ah Peng visited my house in the afternoon. Lee Juin, Char Sing and Lj's friend (Wei jian?) came pai nian at evening. We played card games together till 7.30pm sth. Can say whole day raining today, dunno who summoned the water buffalo to come this year. The water in the drain gradually rising,some area near kampung Kudei there was flooded edy, that's mean my old house going to be flooded. My uncle drove the van to park at new house matang,lols! But now the rain stopped dy, hopefully the water will subside after a while and will not enter the house, if not my uncle need to clean up again.

P/s: Hehe, get to drive my fifth uncle's Toyota Vios today....

3rd day of CNY

Well, today went visiting house to house with friends, gathered at Wei Song's house as the first house, followed by Mr. Peter Sim,Char Sing, Jenny, Shu Pin, Jacky, Lii Chyuan, Cornelius, Wei Liang, Jew Xun,Ah Thad, Miss Lim, Aaron,my house, Pn.Ng and finally Xiao Yaw's house. Total house visited:16, Time: 10.30am-12.30am, Ang Paws collected:3.'s a rainy day today. Y every year cny must invited Rain God 1? Well, have all the snacks and canned drink as lunch, KFC as our dinner. Here are some pictures we had taken at my house. Jew Xun & Shu Pin

Ickes & Xiao Yaw

Xiao Yaw & Shu Pin

Stand: (left) Tien Ying, Amber, Xiao Yaw, Delon
Sit: (left) Wei Song,Yew Xun, Ickes, Shu Pin, Cornelius

p/s: O ya, the most intersting event today was witnessing the changes on Pn.Ng, our secondary Chinese teacher! She have slimmed down even more man, now she is so "Miao Tiao", haha.Last year we went to visit her, she is not that thin yet. Secondary time we used to call her D------n, now she is not that anymore. Good job! Maintain it, wish to see her in this mode next year. She had joined a slimming programme for about 4 months and successfully threw away 3 packets of 10kg rice from her weight, from 90++ kg to 60++ kg, wow! Amazing rite? I will upload the picture we had taken with the teacher for this year and last year soon...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

2nd Day of CNY

Hehe, 2day didn't really go visit, just stayed at home most of the time, only went to visit Auntie Mary at night. Woke up at 11.30am this morning, felt that wanna sleep more,lols! CNY really is a good time to sleep,wakaka! It was 6.05pm now,

Everyone was busy preparing great meal for 2nite's party(6.30-7pm start). My dad invited quite a lot of ppl-his friends and my mum's relatives, there are really a lot of nice food,hehe!!

O ya, what was interesting 2day was we borrowed a mahjong set from Auntie we got a free lesson from my dad and my uncle. They are pro man, lols! Actually this is my second time to learn about Mahjong, still remembered first time I learnt from Qi Hao & Jon during Sem 1 time. Nothing to do that time and tried to learn new thing. Hmm...that time gaik Si is a Mahjong Queen wor, don't play play! But then soon her fame was replaced by Sharon, sad. Hmm...really enjoyed playing Mahjong just now!

We played 5-6 rounds I guess, and I won 3 rounds,hehe, not bad le! But then everytime is win without "Tai", means win very little only la. I learnt few stuff about Counting money for Mahjong today. So Pong Pong= 2 Tai, Qing Yi Se= 1 Tai, Ping Hu(Without the big piece and flowers)= 2 Tai, If u r the dealer and u win by that round's direction, then you will get 2 Tai, others get 1 Tai only if they win. So u may win as many Tai as you can!! Before the game, just decide how much u guys willing to pay per Tai,haha! Tell u guys, we really very into Mahjong just now until a call rang and we just realized that we forgot to pick up my bro who was at his friend's house, waited for like half an hour long edy.Lols!

P/s: Hmm...received 1 Ang Paw today only, more Ang Paws, pls "Lai"!

Monday, January 26, 2009

First Day of CNY

Wee...received 11 Angpaws today....wishing for more 2moro, the day after tomorrow, the day day after 2moro.....haha, wish me luck! Went to Chi Yun temple & Zhi Chuang temple too. Houses visited including my mum's bro's, uncle heng's, first uncle, third uncle,yups, that's all I guess...some houses I didnt follow my parents to go, just too tired, slept the whole afternoon heh? Read Manga too...hehe.haih..I left my hp charger at Vista, now using another phone since my phone's batt died dy, but that phone really crazy sometimes, will auto turn on and off, lols!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cninese New Year Eve

It's cny eve again!!! 2009 already. Still remember last year CNY we went to Satok bridge to see the endless firework in all directions around us, is 11.20pm edy, maybe this year will go there again to see the firework 1 one more, haha! This morning till evening just helped to clean and decorate house now becomes a New year house dy, everywhere decorated with flowers, red deco stuff and etc...not bad not bad. At night every cousin's families came for "Tuan Yuan Fan" except the second uncle's, second auntie and third auntie's families absent. We have a great dinner at my fifth uncle's house. Played card games with cousins after that..O ya, bought a new Samsung DVD player, thought can connect USB using my external harddisk, but cant, swt! Watched Saw series too although watched before, hehe...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

2 Days before CNY

Well, 2day nth much, just stayed at home almost for the whole day.Helped to clean the glasses, painted the entrance wall. New TV was installed up at the new living room.Parents came at around 12pm sth,Xiao Ku and family also came from Sri Aman today. Watched The luckiest man & Tyrannosaurus at night. First movie is a comedy movie, the ending is not that nice, but overall is quite ok I think. Give it 3.2 out of 5.0 stars. The latter 1 is about the Aztecs summoned a Trannosaurus Rex to keep Cortes and his army out of Mexico, now they need The Conquisators' help to stop the T-Rex from killing all of them, the dinosaur is quite fake, and they called it a thunder lizard, lols. Hmm..rate it 3.0 out of 5.0 stars.

P/s: Mum accidentally cut her finger while slicing the roasted chicken, ouch!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Sweet Home

Went for the lecture in informal T-shirt for the first time, wakaka! Well, pink shirt since today everyone supposed to be in red shirt in conjunction of the celebration of CNY soon. Ong Kok Hai's lecture (posponed from last week)-Streptococcus A. Well, actually nothing extra much I can get from his lecture since most of the things he said are in the lecture note.Supposed to go out at 11.15am with all my luggages, but the opening and closing of the backdoor can make so much noise, attenting everyone to look behind make me feel reluctant to go out, finally Matthew came in and we just waited till the lecture had finished before we left to airport.Took KTM to Hang Tuah, from there took monorail to KL sentral.Tapao some food near KL sentral monorail station. Then took aerobus to LCCT,bought a 2 ways Aerobus ticket (RM14). Reached LCCT at 1.45pm, which is quite early than we expected. Our flight is at 3.25pm.Reached Kuching at 5.30pm,went to collect shop rent, tapao chicken rice, and finally I am back home!!! Realized that my house have one extra living room(it supposed to be a studying room, lols.

But the design is quite creative la, the pictures are so artistic, I like them.My mum and dad will be coming Kuching 2moro, hooray!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rudy's Birthday!

Have CSU (History Taking) in the morning.Be the first one to interact with the SP. Hmm...the first SP is an Indian guy who is very serious, never smile,lols. He was given a script to be a Chinese SP, complaining about breathless and edema on the leg. Hmm..thought no need ask for race, he is a chinese man! Given the name Benny Chan! Haih...second sp is an indian guy too, but he not as serious as the first one,and sometimes know how to make a joke.He is complaining about chest pain.He said he had chest pain on and off in the past 3 months when loading and unloading stuff but refuse to see doctor as he thought it was only some muscle pain.Until one morning he suffer a different kind of chest pain while eating breakfast and only come to see doctor.One of my CSU mate advised him must go to see doctor regarding those symptoms and the SP just answered that's y I am here to see you now, haha! Btw,I sucks in History Taking la...
Miss 2day first lecture by JPJ just now because of celebrating Rudy's birthday at Capri. Hmm...a lot of people attended the birthday celebration. Group 13 members even more than last time reunion outing. There are Rudy, Ying Xin, Yen Ming, Joyce, Wei Chin, Jon, Chin Nam, Keili, Chee Leong,me and my Super OO, Qian Hui.
Others are YH, Natasha, Sabrina,Faye, Matthew and Kar Mun who came later.3 lectures today, came to Student lounge after lectures, am playing pool here. O ya, playing darts too, it's quite fun after long time have not touched the darts.Try to have a darts friendly match with Mervyn, well I won with double check out 14,haha! Hmm...2day supposed to be PBL & Group Studies Day, but we can always make a change, change it to Movie Day instead. Going to watch movie 2nite!!! Hehe.That night I have watched 3 movies, hmm...first movie,continuing from the painted skin which I have not finished it few days ago. The ending is quite ok la, not that boring and it is quite touching too. Then plan to watch IT with Natasha and Ying Xin, but the dvd sucks, cant even open the file.Lols, then changed to watch 40 Year old Virgin.
Hmm...quite funny some of the scenes,especially this,, the scene where the virgin guy went to have body wax,to pullhishe body hairs out, he swear when everytime the girl pull the hairs out, lols. It's super funny here! We can see patches here and there in the end when he gave up not to pull all out.I give it 3.9 out of 5 stars. Went to yamcha at mamak downstair with Jamie and Natasha after that, and went to student lounge to play pool until 12am with Jamie. Reached home, packed my stuff coz going back to Kch 2moro, YH was waken up by me maybe when I was packing my stuff, since that he couldn't sleep back, then we watch IP Man,
hmm...a very nice kung fu movie. IP Man is the best kung fu guy I have ever seen in movie, haha. I rate it 4.1 out of 5 stars. Yahoo~!! Going back 2moro!!!

Different kind of exercise

21 Jan 2009

Hmm…went to school at around 11am, using internet at PBL room, had lunch with YH, mervyn and matt, then went for SRC meeting regarding the charity week for Gaza, CrusAIDsers are in charge of the publicty of the charity week, which means we need to come up with a rough poster as soon as possible. Lectures today are by Francis Archike and Nyunt Wai. Hmm…first lecture is about drugs, new name of drugs for cardiac failure appeared again…damn it, have to memorise those new names…next lecture is control of vascular tone and tissue perfusion by Nyunt Wai. Well, you can know there will be some problems to the mic when he is speaking again. Haih…and this time is special, usually he can finished all the slides in time la, this time he don’t.There are still 28 slides left when the time of the lecture had over, but he said that he started late so drag the time till 4.06pm and he had not yet finished the lecture slides, left 14 slides, it will be continued 2moro, he told us.Lols! Supposed to go play badminton with Jamie, YH them, but was helping Sabrina Ong to move things from vista C to B, haha, we need to carry the stuffs 3 times using chin nam's car.Lols, a form of exercise too, not bad. We moved from 4.30pm till almost 6pm. Sabrina's mum treated us Soya bean, bread, fried banana and others, so nice of her! the time we finished moving, the rain pours, hmm...lucky!!! Skip the milers training too(by Sandeep), thought that it will be cancelled because it rains. Night time went to Ashwin's house to play Dota, from 8pm to 11pm. The first 1 hour is wasted because the people keep on coming at different time when we are going to start our game. First are Gaik Si and Izyan, then Joel, then Amanda, then Lilian, lols! My com sucks, keep on lagging, so noob Dota player plus com lag= sucky!!! Discovered that there are lost of some CrusAIDSers T-shirts when was counting the stock that night. Maybe I did pass some to Erin but forgot to record down...hope that there is no missing of shirts!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


19 Jan 2009

Today is an Emo Day…come, let us all emo 2gether!!! The lectures today are fine, the lecturers are good…Thani and Sri Kumar…but it’s quite a lot of thing to learn and they are explaining quite fast, couldn’t really catch some of the explanation. Played basketball today…quite a lot of ppl went, and it’s quite tiring running around, went to Sri Petaling to have dinner with Jamie, YH, YX and Natasha, don’t know what’s wrong today…everyone is like so quiet, really very scary, maybe today is emo day I guess. Went to buy Wo Lai Ye bak gua after that, bought 500gm pork, 500gm chicken, the lady told us that it can last 21 days before we bought, but after we bought it, just knew that it can last till 29 Jan only, WTH!! Last for only first 3 days of CNY, haha! YX vomited out all she had for dinner before coming back Vista. After back to vista, she vomited one more time. Maybe it’s due to improper lunch meal (bread+ ham+cheese) because of the clinical visit this morning.

P/s: Change my new ID tag the differences!



20 Jan 2009

Went for orientation meeting from 10.30am-12pm, basically agreed about 2 colours for junior's orientation t-shirt, disagreed about the idea of asking juniors to sell IMU ball notepad, came up with the scheduling of every events of orientation, had a rough picture of the 5 videos we are going to make. Today's lectures are by Thani and Sri Kumar again-infective endocarditis and cardiac failure(mostly related to PBL 3), it's quite ok. Have PBL until 5.45pm,then wanna go back to change into sport attire before going to gym but it is raining heavily outside,so just go work out in formal shirt. Faci Alex is there. He is damn strong, can lift up 30 kg dumpbell with an arm, can lift up 75 kg weight by lying supinely, somemore can lift it up and down for almost 10 times I guess, how I wish I can be as strong as him.Done gym,saw mervyn sitting at the atrium, waiting for his mum, took few pages of newspaper to cover myself while running to the Nasi Goreng stall, ordered Nasi goreng cendawan, then rain is getting heavier, by the time reach B2 block, my whole body wet edy.Have a B2-10-2 meeting at night,YX is absent, she went back Seremban already because her parents are worrying of her. YH brought her to see doctor this morning and she only eat few pieces of biscuit for breakfast and lunch, hope she will be fine soon. So, we have agreed with this....

B2-10-2 Activities
(Activities which need to be completed together by B2-10-2 residents at least but can be joined by others)



Movie Day

PBL + Group Studies


Carrefour Day

Random Day

Written by: …………………………..
(Ickes Angelo)

Physically supported by: …………………………
(Nigel Khor)

Mentally supported by:……………………….....
( Ape Sister)

Approved by: ……………………………….
(President Keili)

Hope we will all follow it since Keili keep on complaining that B2-10-2 house very sien, lol!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

School Reopens...It's Sem 3!!!

It's been up to 2 week long I never update my blog...hmm, It's time to update about my daily life after back in vista...and now I can tell you, Sem 3 is not really easy, CVS system already make me feel OMG, and we still have 3 more systems to learn in Sem 3, must really work hard...

Fly back from Kuching with Matt and Faye, reach Vista at about 6.30pm, have dinner with Matt & Faye at Mamak downstair, then take LRT, switch to KTM at station Tasik Selatan to KL Sentral, change train route to Subang,I did count the time using stopwatch on my phone, It took me a freaking 1 hour 40+ minutes long to reach Subang, sien. Daniel and Yann Er fetched me at Subang KTM station,tried to help two person froom Ipoh(Car Plat Alphabet said so)to push the broke down car but it ended useless,we went to a mamak at the roadside to have supper, then daniel felt the urge to play some computer game, went to AC but It's wasfull, then have to go to another CC opposite Nanako, played dota wit them until nearly 2am, went back Daniel's house, watched DVD "The transporter 3" until 4am, ZZZZz........

It's Bei Yan's birthday 2day!! Have a surprise party planned by her bf, Stephen(My A-level Friend)at Wong Kwok, Sunway Pyramid. A lot of people attended the party, including me, Darius, Daniel, Yann Er,Juo Nan, Leow Khai, Joo Hor,Angeline and Bei Yan's Secondary friends, we went to cinema after that to watch "4 Christmases"

, It's super nice la the movie, It's about a new couple who knew each other in a pub, both of them did not believe in marriage as they are happy with their life now, they were going to go for some travelling but the weather did not allow them to do so, their Christmas Plan was just ruined. They were broadcasted on the TV and were seen by their parents. Wakaka, now they have to spend their 1 Christmas day in 4 houses-The guy's dad, the girl's mum, the guy's mum and the girl's dad...and they really met a lot of hard time in their house, to test their love strength. In the end, the guy really could not take it when the girl told him that they really need to get married to live a happy life.The guy just didn't want to go into the last house-which is the girl's dad house.But after the guy went back to his own house and had a talk with his dad, he also learnt sth from him and really could not lose the girl. Finally, the guy drove back to the girl's dad house and have a happy ending...I rate the movie 3.9 out of 5.0 stars....

p/s: Saw the broke down car's guy at Sunway Pyramid, he is planning to watch movie too. What a coincidence!

School reopens...a lot of people had changed their hair styles, lol. Cant even recognize some of them.

Well, cant remember what was happening those time edy, should be a dull day, studying days?

Supposed wanna go sing K with Kyan, Jamie,YH, Ying Xin at Endah Parade, but then wow...the fee is so, decided not to sing K liao, then changed the plan to go watch movie at Mid Valley, watched "Lady Cop And Papa Crook", erm...dont really like the movie.. rate it as 2.6 out of 5.0. After that foosball, pool, camhorelling session , mamak, reached home at around 2am.Detail of these you can read from YH's blog.

Went to sing K with Kyan, Jon and Ying Xin. Jamie didn't join because have to go back to Klang, YH didn't join beacuse his parents are coming to KL. only 4 of us...sing from 6pm-9pm, charges RM8 each, before sing K we went to play snooker for a while(actually only 15 minutes and I versus Jon). Sing K was so so fun.We even sing 2 Geng Ko Kam Kok towards the end of our sing k session, we even untung 15 minutes, haha, check out at 9.15pm.Lols, so people, next time remember to pick 2 long songs towards the end, probably 5-10 minutes before check out time to let you untung more time to sing, hehe.

Cant recall what I have done today also..

Wow, Orientation group LUCKY 13 Reunion Outing + Dinner(at Nando's) at mid valley, damn nice. We watched "The Bedtime Stories".
I like it, rate it 4.1 out of 5.0 stars. Hmm...we went play foosball, pool...the outing attended by Randika, Kei Li, Chin Nam, Wei Chin, Ying Xin, Jon, Rudy, Chee Leong, Juo Nan and me. Total 10 people..sorry Qian Hui, next time you will have the chanve to go...hehe. Detail of it in Rudy's blog.

Gym's time...

I went to Jamie to Uni to play pool at night. She is a good pool player, I lost to her 2 times in 9 ball match.Sucks la me....go home at 12.15am...

Went to have dinner with Ai Wen, Yun Teng, Jamie, YH and Matthew at Sri Petaling, after that went to school to play pool..we played 8 balls and survivor...well, the girls actually won the guys, lols. So embarrassing!

Went to Carrefour to eat and buy some stuff with Natasha, Matthew, Yen Haw.

Went to school PBL room to study with Natasha and Yen studying is quite effective afterall, we get to solve our messy thought about Wolff-Parkinson White Syndrome anyway...Went to student lounge after that, saw Tai Lou(Vee Shin)and friends there.Played pool for a while there. Then received call from Kyan to ask whether wanna have dinner together or not.He came to school and 4 of us went to carrefour together to eat because Kyan wanna buy some stuff. Bought Maggie Mee (forgot to buy yeaterday) and Zip chocolate sticks...

IMU Open day, Hmm....It's quite a fun day for me!!! And somemore can earn money, but very little only, IMU should pay more...haih..I was the campus tourguide, haha! Brought 3 families to visit around IMU I guess, and I have the chance to do a free Body Composition check from BP, free ECG check from Li Jun( Med student who did Biomed science now)-to be transferred to Queensland, free to see all the Clinical skills demonstrated by the sem 5 seniors, which inluded rectal, pelvic, breast, ear, eye, pregnancy examinations and get to hear the heart and lung sounds and any of its abnormalities. Okie, first group I brought is a group of 4 person- Dad, Mum, Daughter, Son. The dad is a gynaecologist I guess, the daugher(quite pretty) wanted to take either medicine or pharmacy,this group went to listen to the medicine talk, which started at 10.30am and ended at 11.30am,I picked them back outside Audi after they have finished listening to the talk, meanwhile there are around 4 people joining my tour, but with the help from Kei Li and Sabrina. we went seperated after the lab because my "client" had visited the library while theirs haven't,lol.We visited almost all the places including the dental clinics.For the second group I tour, there are 3 people-Dad, Mum and a daughter. The Dad is an accountant, the mum is a pharmacist, the daughter(a bit plump) didn't talk much, as she just followed her parent's decision. We have a quite brief visit around IMU, this group didn't want to visit dental clinic as her daughter wanted to take up medicine course. Her mum predominant the dad, I guess. The third group I brought are Mum & daugher (Medium look). She talked a lot and asked me a lot of questions about how to revise for AS and A2 at the same time, what about IMU interview and etc. hmm...the daugher should be a very studious type of person and her result is quite brilliant I guess, all As except physics for her semester exam. Met Rebecca at the dental clinic when I brought my last group. She said she was here to meet up friends, trying to call me but too bad that day I didn't bring my phone, lol! I brought her around IMU, doing the Body composition test at Chansellor Hall, visited the CSU to see demonstration and others. I signed out at 4.35pm(WTH I thought we should work till 4.30pm, but it actually 4pm, but nvm la, last 1 hour I just walk walk around IMU with my friend).Get to know Rebecca's friend too-Kwai Yi?(Dunno how to spell correctly but it is pronounced as this la). She is a pharmacy IMU student. We then meet up at 5pm and went to Mid Valley together(supposingly had changed to S.Pyramid but the taxi uncle didn't know it). There are 4 of us-Kwai Yi, Rebecca, Natasha and me. Have dinner at Kenny Rogers and met Rebecca's another friend-Vincent. Then went shopping seperately with them as I went along with Natasha. I bought a Body Glove's Sweater, it has 50% discount, it costs RM83+ now...It's quite a nice sweater anyway. Natasha bought 2 shirts which only cost RM35+.Mid valley now is like full of CNY ambiance.We saw Chai Shen Ye giving out lucky draw prizes in a diamond shop, CNY songs presented using chinese music instruments, the centre court just all in red colour, lol....

After that, Natasha and me go back first because the rest still need to shop for more and the taxi later cannot fix 5 people(including Vincent), so Natasha and me went to take KTM and LRT back to Uni, haha....we saved RM8 each(Taxi fee=RM20, KTM+ LRT fee=RM2 each (RM2 X 2=RM4 only!!!).Yeah! The KTM is really very crowded that time, the people just keep pushing although there is no more space and the train door is about to close, WTH! But it was really funny inside the KTM when most of the people didn't get to hold on sth and when the train is about to stop or accelerate, you can just hear them shouting when the crowd is pushed to one side.Lols. And Natasha is just so scared after I told her to be careful with her handbag in the train.LRT is just so relaxing compared to KTM. We get to sit down and just Met Leon and Yi Wen(his orientation junior?) in the train back to Sri Petaling. They just sent Yi Wen's friend to Pudu Bus Station. Reached home by 9.30pm sth I guess..studying for a while, then watched laptop movie with YH-Painted Skin. The movie is quite boring, less interesting than I first thought(or maybe I just feel tired and sleepy?), watched it till left 45 minutes I really can't continue edy, then just dozed off....