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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Defining Tomorrow's Medicine

"No one starts a journey without a destination in mind. although medicine is an inexact science, we as healthcare professionals, have the obligation to find our ways through all the variables before us, and work towards the best possible outcome. That is the reason why patients come to us in the first place. And our end goal is always to improve the well-being and welfare of those who have placed their trust in us.

As a leader in academic medicine, we must be innovators and pace-settlers who can raise the bar on the clinical outcomes, research into disease cures, and the sharing of clinical wisdom.

True healthcare is a service that can only be provided by professionals who heed their calling-people with the special ability to heal the body, comfort the mind and soothe the soul. But we also draw inspiration from people around us, and the patients we serve.".........Group CEO, SingHealth, Prof Tan Ser Kiat

"He who studies medicine without books sails an uncharted sea, but he who studies medicine without patients does not go to sea at all."-----------Sir William Osler

SGH Week 2

Day 1-Now doing posting in Neurosurgery ward, well, nothing much to see, most patients were located in ICU to be monitored. My doctor is Dr. David Lau. He likes to assign me to Dr. Nicholas,lolz. Went around China town to hunt for food.

Day 2-OT today, saw Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson patient, but the surgery is really damn long...went out half way of the surgery. Walking around the ward to learn something from Dr. Kao. Went to Orchard Road at night for dinner.

Day 3- Wakaka, Universal Studio Singapore. It was really damn fun here. A lot of new experience obtained- 4D Movie, Live Shows, Monster Live Music,etc.

Day 4- First time seeing doctor breaking bad news, getting consent from the patient's family members, doing brain surgery-craniotomy to reduce subdural haematoma from the same patient. The case above is a contrecoup injurywhile contrecoup injuries are usually produced when the moving head strikes a stationary object.>

It was really sad to know that even though after the surgery is done, the patient will has a risk chance up to 80% suffered from paralysis/hemiplegia/or even go into coma. (saw normal brain & contusion brain!). Other OT room showing excision of T12 intradural tumour. Didn't get to see much of this, only see part of the structure of the spinal nerves.

Day 5--Last Day of SGH hospital attachment!

Friday, June 18, 2010

SGH Day 5

"2day is Friday/2moro is Friday"....someone had repeated this sentence for so many times....aiyo. We all woke up late today, woke up at 7.30am and only leave the house at 8.10am, went to find my doctor at MSC clinic, saw cases and lots of X-ray. In the afternoon went to OT to see surgeries: Right anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction and chondroplastic arthroplasty. The later 1 watched half way then leave the theatre. After that, went to A & E department. There was suspected supraventricular tachycardia(absent of P waves). After given adenosine, then it got better and ECG showed sinus tachycardia(P waves appeared).EOS result is finally out! Haha, I passed!!! But need to work harder for BMed dy....wuwuwu..

BMed I am coming!!! Wait for me ya, don't run so fast...

Weekend activities:

Sentosa Island- Megazip Flying Fox, Luge, Flying Trapeze, Merlion, Cineblast

SGH Day 4

2moro is Friday.............
Morning supposed to attend the conference with the doctor at 7.15am, haha. Guess what? I woke up at 7am, then dont care edy, chill till 7.40am only walk to the hospital, Can't find the doctor so went to ward 76, saw Dr. Siva there, went around the ward with him, hehe. Helped him to do some translation to the patient. After that, went to the coffee shop with all the doctors again. Dr. Chia treated me coffee again, haha! After that, went to clinic H to observe-normal cases...some pharmacy sale agent came in to give Dr. Siva and me biscuit and the coffee for Dr. Chia. In the end, I drink the coffe coz Dr. Chia dont wwant it, hehe. Watched OT-partial knee replacement after lunch. Wah...all the drilling sound and the BBQ smell, I like it,lol.

After that,went to A & E department, really need to be very competent, act fast and be able to cope with stress if want to work in A & E. Dont think I am suitable to A & E though...nausea case..bleeding case, difficulty in breathing pity the grandma, fall in the toilet and cut her forehead, blood oozing out, arrghh...felt pain for her.

Stayed in the A& E till 5pm, then went home liao. Duplicate the key then proceed to city hall. Took a couple of photos there especially at the Merlion statue and Fullerton Hotel..damn nice the view of Singapore, like it. On the way home stopped by a bar, damn nice too the design. Drank Vodhka and Asahi, had plethora

After I typed this. today is

p/s: Went to Little India many indians there, really felt myself like being in India...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

SGH Day 3

Lalala...the thrid day....reached hospital at 7.45am...supposed to come between 7.30-8am, then went to ward 75 to find Dr. Chia but he was not there. I am like a lost sheep, couldn't find him anywhere too. So got nothing to do then went to Medical student centre to online, fb at 8.30pm until 9pm. Went to ward 75 to find Dr. Chia again but he was not there. He told me to find e-team-his medical team but couldn't or rather lazy to search,lol. So, I was just sitting on the sofa outside the ward and closed my eyes. Woke up by a message from Kala, shit, overslept edy. Supposed to attend the infection control lecture at 9.30am, now it is 9.35am, faster rushed to the LT. There were a lot of people, the lecture was boring, but we were introduced to several mask types-3m 1860, Drager and Kimberly Clark, etc. We were required to do the mask fitting test too to check if we can wera our mask properly to prevent any leackage of air from the mask when we blow. In the end, I was not sure actually I pass the test or not because my taste sensation for bitter is not that strong?? Lol...after that, went for lunch at another cafe, hmm...$3.50 gone..the next destination of course is MSC again, but after a while me and YH were called by Natasha to the OT to see para(along side) ovarian cyst removal & ovary removal (oophrectomy). The cyst measured 10cm x 5cm, wow...I could see the small ovary and the clear fluid inside...hehe. Natasha's doctor is good, not very serious and friendly to her. After that, I went back to MSC again to online, chill for a while before going back to the clinic H. Guess what? My doctor's clinic was cancelled, sio he don't have any clinic session now, swt. So I was told to follow a MO, Dr. Lee. She is very friendly and she actually spent some of the time explaning to me...unlike Dr. Chia, haha. Haha, Dr. Lee is just like any of us student... and I can chat with her freely. Today was quite interesting because there were lots of BS cases. The bitchy daughter and mum, a cerebral palsy with osteoporosis and fracture of humeral head, refusal of receiving prompt treatment although it will cause difficulty in her job as a cleaner. 2nite gonna stay back and go A & E to see, wakaka...

2moro gonna see orthopeadic OT in the afternoon, yeah!!!

p/s: Arghh...miss to see transabdominal hysterectomy..

SGH Day 3

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

SGH Day 2

Today came to the hospital at meet the doctor at ward 75. Went around the wards with Dr. Chia and a houseman. Learnt some ethical issues from the doctor. He said they happens commonly and we must always know how to dal with them. Well, some cases just due to the disagreement of the family members to do something and it had delayed the surgery/cause less recovery although surgery is done later. After the ward, went to have breakfast with some of the doctors, MOs, houseman. They have a great chat and I found it quite boring. Got treated Milo and Coffee,lol...After that, went to MSC with Dr. Chia to see patients...seen X-ray of osteoarthritis (Bone spurs!!) and some case of cervical PID (Not pelvic inflammatory disease arghh, but prolapsed intervetebrae disc)...then went to lunch quite early at 11.30am, after that spent some time in the medical student centre until now, ok, gonna go to clinic H now...I am late for 8 minutes I bet the doctor will be a little bit late too, hehe.:-)

(Shit man, original version of the below which I typed was not saved, so have to retype it...:-()

Afternoon time nothing much, just stayed in the clinic for the whole day..I think the most interesting things that made my day were the happiness and gratitude shown by all the grandma patients and seeing them recover in walking pattern had made me feel intrested in specialize in the field associated with old people. Saw a lot of cases again...osteoarthristis, knee arthritis, etc....

Heard thousand times of same explanation by the doctor for yesterday and today,lol. I think he had said it for 20 plus years dy...

Quote from the doctor: We medical student must know how to endure hardness. ASs compared with the mo or houseman which is our lives in later stage, it is nothing. I was just observing the patients just now and didnt help anything and yet I was complaining about tiredness and laziness,lol...supposed to have night duty but I want to do another day coz the doctor said can choose any day, guess will do it 2moro, hehe!

So what should we do tonight?? Hmm...

SGH Day 1

I have nothing to do from after lunch to 2pm,so I am gonna blog about what I have seen and learnt each day...

First week I am attached to Orthopeadics department, under Dr. Chia. He is really a happy go lucky doctor. I can see he is very passionate about his work or rather he is enjoying his daily life as a orthopeadic surgeon. I like his way in interacting woith his patients. He is multilangual, although some language sounds quite weird.He is an expert in his field, major in knee cap replacement. A lot of other doctors seek advices from him.

Well, first day actually there was nothing happened. Went to report at 9am to get timetable. Then went to find Qiu Yan to get nametag and to see slides. After that, I have nothing better to do but fb-ing until 2pm because my doctor was doing surgery in the morning and I didnt go to find him. Should have gone to find him :-( 2pm, went to clinic H, had a short chat with an indian lady. She had fracture in her arm. The most prominet thing about her is that she believe in God very much. Went into the consultation room, learnt quite a lot of cases with the doctors (including Dr.Siva). Cases like osteoarthritis, arthritis, spondylolisthesis, right shoulder contulsion, torn medial meniscus, plantar fasciatis and so on...Dr. Siva taught me that every pathology is the same. We just need to see the pathology and rule out the causes according to the age, gender, risk factors...and thus diagnosis will be easily seen..:-)

Quote from the doctor-"This is a lifestyle decision. You can choose whether you want to do it or not? It is not depends on the doctor but the patient."

Monday, June 14, 2010

SGH Posting

Medical student I am....

Should really learn how to be competent

Should really appreciate all the time and prevent any time wasting

Should be enthusiastic and be in front, but not at the back

Should be the one who initiates but not the ne who follows

I am still a noob medical student who is now doing his attachment in SGH (Singapore General Hospital)

I shall LEARN how to become a doctor, from now onwards!!!

It is time to get serious, Ickes! It is TIME!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

11 June 2010

Will always remember this date---11 June 2010

A day which is...

1 day after EOS 5

1 Day trip(11 June 2010) in Melaka---B2-10-2 Sweet Memories...

World Cup Opening Ceremony...

And the most prominent memory----Losing Our Valuables...

WTF, you will get the punishment one day....sure you will..I cursed U!!!

Nothing to do isit>? So free go other people's house...

My lappie, you are still survive, just because you are ugly...luckily...

But poor phonnie and watchie, both of you just look too elegant, hope you are alright out there....stay strong..

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Sigh...exam in 6 days........arrghhh...

I need to constantly reminding myself that I am here to study Medicine course. I am a future doctor, not anything, but a professional job to save/reduce people's burdens. I have chosen this pathway by myself, and therefore I shall work hard for it,,,I MUST!!!!

P/s: You shall not play play Ickes, you are not a pro...