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Friday, February 19, 2010

Me.Not. A. Good. Bro (& Everything)

I am not a good brother..
I didn't even attempt to talk to him...
What I want is only peace...
but what I do is only ignore him...
Whenever he talks to me, I am just reply him and that's all...
It's not that I don't want to care,
its just something I can't help to forgive him...
I can't forgive his attitude, his personality..
I understand everyone has different personalities,
but I still can't accept it.
What should I do?
I just want us to be good siblings!
But it is much more harder than I thought it will be...

I admit I am not a good son, good sibling, good relative, good friend to others too. I knew my weaknesses, my dominating personality, my "not understanding others' feelings" behavior. Sigh...I just wish I can change, I want to change, I really want everything to be good. But, I really need some time and guidance...

I know I should think positively, but I just can't this sudden arising EMO feeling, I cried, cried out all of my guilt,my sad feeling..

In the car...
Me: Not going to watch movie 2nite, will be watching 2moro coz no cannot buy ticket edy.
Bro: *Disappointed*
Me: You can watch movie 2moro or not?
Bro: Erm...dunno, maybe will go out with my friends 2moro.
Me: If you can''t go then buy 3 tickets, if you plan to watch then buy 4 tickets.
Bro: Huh? Why 3? Who are the 3?
Me: Dad, Mum, eldest sis...
Bro: What about you?
Me: I am going back to KL 2moro edy..
Bro: So fast??
Me: Ya!!!

And I think we have nothing much to communicate and share although I am going back to KL 2moro edy...I am really an useless bro..sorry...

Monday, February 15, 2010

CNY Day 1

This Year CNY is quite boring for me, lol. Dunno why?? Hmm...bascially just stay at home the whole day, sleep the whole afternoon, really swt. Went to temple for a while in the morning, then at night went to Jiun Sheng's new house for his birthday celebration. Didn't eat anything there because I was vegetarian on that day and they were doing BBQ food. Was gambling in his house and in the end won RM2, haha! Leave JS's house at about 11.45pm and went to Senso Hilton to have a drink. Ordered Midori, nice nice!! There were performances there with all popular songs-Lady Gaga, BEP, lol...We were challenging each other Truth or Dare...It was quite a good night la.

Friday, February 12, 2010

I want Running as my Motivator

Target: 1/2 Marathon in 2 Hours!!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Year =New Look

Hey, I have dyed my hair!!!
My sis said I look like a gangster, do I??


Well, I guess there is also another side of me who do not agree with that, see this picture then you will know.

Lala?? Lol!

So guys, how is my new hair color?? So you guys prefer Gangster or Lala?? Lol.

Monday, February 8, 2010

My Goals

Everyone has their own dreams, and I am sure that we all have different ways of chasing after our dreams, We all move at different speeds, different time. I really hope that I can achieve these dreams, as I am not doing it alone.  :-)

My Goals

1st Goal: Achieve at least an A- for Summative!!!!!
               Achieve at least a B+ for EOS 5!!!!

Reward: Can go for KK trip!!! @?? ________

Punishment: no shopping, movie, and pool for 2 weeks

2nd Goal: Earn at least RM6000 in a year (starting June 2010)

Reward: Get a new HP

Punishment: no pps and facebook for 2 weeks

3rd Goal: Run half marathon (21.6km) in 2 hours

Reward: Get a new shoe (Nike Basketball Shoe/ running shoe)

Punishment: no meat n junk food (including 100 plus/revive) for 2 weeks