Nuffnanger :-)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Be Happy Ler...

I am really sien of all the things.

Sometimes understanding is the key of everything.

And everything is as normal as always, nothing is complicated, seriously I dunno how also.

I am sure that nothing is wrong, just that precipitating factors make it wrong?

Well, I have nothing else to comment, and I don't think anything is wrong..

Maybe it can be more perfect, or maybe I am just always a loser?

I dunno but seriously I dunno what to do?

I just want to be happy always, I seriously don't want to have any emo attitude, not even a little bit..

I just want to be HaPpy and live meaningfully!!! Can I???

Friday, January 22, 2010

Greeting 2010's 1st Emo Post

Hi, everyone, I am back...

Lol, this is my 2010's first post,have been too lazy to update my blog...

Haih, nothing much to write about, just feel that I am not as happy as before when I am in Vista...

Last time back Vista can chat with friends, hang out with friends...

But now it seems that someone has misunderstood something and doesn't really want to communicate..

Everyday also EMO face, well, I guess I can't help it right??

I am really very tired right now, my timetable is damn packed for everyday, sien...

Looking forward for the next weekend, hope it will cheer me up!!!

Starting to feel wanna go back to my hometown again...........4 Feb, it will reach real soon....

 Nothing to say.....well, people's attitude really hard to be changed, isn't it???

And no one will understand me either.......a very sad case :-(