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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Blog/site Ranking

My blog ( site ranked 6194035 in Alexa Traffic Ranking!

MEDT1/08 Batch blog ( ranked 2791833 in Alexa Traffic Ranking, ranked 33666 in Malaysia!!!!

Kenny Sia's blog ranked 52508 in Alexa Traffic Ranking...ranked 389 in Malaysia, wow...

Check yours at!!!!!

Noob 2nd Year Medical Student

Can't believe I am now a 2nd year medical student! Medical student supposed to be diligent, knowledgeable and has critical thinking. However, I have none of the above, haih....Felt like I am just an Immature Medical Student. I really want to succeed!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What is Midlife?

Midlife is a normal developmental life stage. It is essentially positive and has the specific goal of facilitating the process of becoming a "whole" person. Saying it is normal means that it cannot be avoided. Live long enough you will encounter it. As you did not avoid adolescence so you will not avoid midlife. Midlife may be denied but not escaped.

Adolescence was meant to transform you from a child to an adult. It was not meant to be fun. Midlife is also intends to transform you. You may not enjoy midlife.

At midlife you are only half way to that goal. More growth is needed but you may have become comfortably stuck where you are.You cannot take this journey without a certain amount of suffering. To suffer means to live through or to allow. You must suffer the loss, change, and letting go of much of what you bring into midlife.

In life we have two major identity crises. The first, occurring in adolescence, is to establish an identity. You must get a sense of who you are. The second identity crisis is at midlife when you must give up who you think you are so you can become who you were meant to be. This transition is not easy and is greatly resisted.

Midlife is ultimately about the search for true meaning in life.

Extracted from the website

I think I am experiencing Midlife earlier than I expected (It is usually occurs during 40-60 years old). Haih....I just can't cheer up and live life as normal....

Monday, October 26, 2009

MPH Book Fair in IMU


MPH is, for the first time, having a book fair in IMU, from

Date: 24 Oct - 1 Nov 2009
Time: 10am to 8pm
Venue: Ground Floor, Annex Block.

They are offering discount up to 50% and they accept all major credit cards. This fair is also open to the public.

Welcome everyone to come here to shop!!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009



Nice Song by Lee Hom.....

Mizuno Wave Run 2009

From the left-Thomas, Robin, Ickes, Yen Haw, Marcellus

Ready, Get set, Go!!!!!

This year Mizuno's starting point takes place at UPM Sport Complexes. We gathered at IMU at 5.30am, then departed at around 6.30am, reached there at about 7am, and the run started at 7.30am. I was quite dissapointed because I got no medal for this, my timing for the race is 1:07:16.35 (11km). I think last year was 59:37.10 (10km)-but I timed wrongly? Should be longer?, my timing is worse than last year, haih....I think I thought that the Mizuno Run's medal very easy to get since I got it last year and didn't really stress/push myself too much for it, kind of regretting now, but the Shoe Bag is nice too, haha.

(Mizuno Shoe Bag-very cool!!!!)

Still remember the time before I ran for half marathon, I ran for several 10kms and they were so demotivating for the last few kms. But now, I think I am just chill and feel not that stress compared to last time. Haha, maybe I am just thinking 21km I already done it, 11km is just a small case,lol!! I think I should just train more, my stamina had dropped compared to last time dy...

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Today's Futsal was cancelled because it was raining outside, so we only went out for dinner at 7.50pm. Yuan steamboat restaurant was fully occupied, thus we went to Summer steamboat restaurant. Saw Kor Woi them all there. Eat and eat and eat for non-stop until 11.30pm, haha!!! But I ate not that much only, it costs me RM21.80,haha!! Hmm....Dota after that, but laptop kept on lagging like hell and the mouse really cacat like hell, wth!

p/s: Should learn how to talk sweetly and pick up more interesting topics to talk with....
Diwali night

Friday, October 23, 2009

Endocrine Quiz answer from 23 November Post

1. Easy peeling of the skin. Found in Cushing Syndrome...
2.It happens in the adrenal gland, characterized by low ACTH level, so it's ACTH independent
3. Secondary hyperaldosteronism is characterized by increased in Renin, so Reninoma, Renal Ischemia, Edema are the etiology
4. Coticotroph Adenoma, Multiple Corticotroph Microadenoma
5. It is a Primary Chronic Adrenocortical Insufficiency. Acute is Adrenal Crisis caused by Septicaemia, rapid steroid withdrawal, bilateral adrenalectomy, acute stress, acute adrenal hemorrhage
6.Addison's Disease
7.Chromaffin Cells. In adrenal medulla.
8.Hydrocortisone, Fludrocortisone (Children), Dexamethasone, Prednisone (Adult)
9.Hyperkalemia, Metabolic Acidosis
10.No. It will cause hypoaldosteronism instead.
11. Pheochromocytoma

Kyan's birthday- Sing K at Endah Parade

22 Oct---After reached Endah Parade, I went to buy a small cake from the bakery shop while Jon brought Kyan to the Karaoke room first, then I told the counter to send in the cake sharp at 5.30pm, with the candle light up and she said confidently yes and convinced me somemore that she will on the birthday song when the cake wa brought in. I thought everything will be fine then nothing happens at 5.30pm. At 5.40pm I went out to the toilet first and went to confirmed with them that the cake could be sent in in 3 minutes. Lol, guess what. When I went back into the room, Kyan already knew what was going on. The person came into the room before I returned and asked them whether the cake could be served already, wth? Kyan answered that moment:" What cake? We didn't order any cake ". Haha,lol!! Really spoiler........

Jon & Kyan
Huey Ling & Li Ly

Cutting cake....

Happy Birthday's Song Video

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Support Halloween Party!!!

Everyone including non-IMU students are welcome to come for this event, anyone wants to buy the tickets can reach me at, thanks. It will be fun!!!!! And support charity!!!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Please Change Urself, Be Discipline!!! Placenta is not as easy as u think, sien!!!

Everyday is not a productive day, wasted all my time doing nothing good...

Please find back your motivation!!!

Set a target, do it, surpass it!!!!!

Keep a healthy life too, remember to exercise!!!!!

Come on, you can do it man, just don't give up!!!

p/s: No appetite recently, haih...dunno why????

Monday, October 19, 2009

Cheerleading Moment

Firstly, must introduce our cheerleading captain---Shao Wen

And not forget the important person---Jodie too!!!

Then my fellow cheerleaders:

The guys:

From left: Eng Hong, Ickes, Joash, Jonathan, Hwa Rang, Chris, Chen Hou, Fang Yi

With our lovely Shao Wen & Jodie

The girls: (+ 2 random guys-Jonathan & Hwa Rang)
Back row: Bao Yin, Sin Chin, Yee Shiuan, Mei Ying,Si Wen, Michelle, Esther, Kai Xin,Li Jiun, Ruey Hua
Middle row: Pamela, Evelyn, Lisa,Fui Wei, Jo Lene
Front row: Jodie, Stacie, Yvon
Not in picture: Precelia

Precelia is here--the tallest girl in the picture.

Phoenix stunt:

Cool right???

A group picture 1 day before competition

Another group picture 1 hour before competition

Group Picture after Cheerleading Performance

We won 3rd!!! Group Picture on the stage.

Group picture for Post-Prize Giving Ceremony

Group picture after yamcha at Ajimal, before heading home....

But, cheerleading, the scary thing is never be late for practices, or else, such thing will happen, watch the link below, then you will know.....


I jogged 10 rounds today, in the park....

Every round less than 3 minutes (450m each lap)..

I am running quite slow, should run faster next time..

I just need some motivations to run, to beat my own mental barrier!!

Mizuno Wave Run, I am coming!!!

Hopefully I can finish 10km next Sunday and beat my old record, go go go!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

IMU Cup Cheerleading 2009

Champion- Griffin!!!

1st Runner Up-Pegasus!!!

2nd Runner Up-Phoenix!!!




Enjoy the videos!!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Medals For IMU Cup

I got 4 medals, wohoo!!!
1st Medal: Gold Medal for Foosball. I was the substitute for the team, didn't play any game,lol!

2nd Medal: Bronze Medal for Darts. We fought very hard for this! I am proud of my Darts team members!

3rd Medal: Gold Medal for Touch Rugby. Again we have a strong team. I played 1 out of 5 games only and we won Gold!!!

4th Medal: Bronze Medal for Cheerleading!!! Frankly speaking, we didn't really expect to get this because a lot of houses did better than us and deserve it more than us, but I have no idea why we got it, maybe because of our stunts, smile and "pop" that made us to get it. All the hard work and efforts, tears finally paid off!

Post Prize-giving ceremony:

Siew Seen (Front), Ickes (Middle), Jamie (Back), woots, all are cheerleaders except Jamie, haha!

But Jamie is not bad too, Siew Seen is damn strong, wow!!!

IMU Cup 2009 Comes to its end!!!

Today is a lucky day for Phoenix!!! Seriously lucky, we didn't do really good for cheerleading, but we got no 3rd, so unexpected!!! Will update my medals 2moro!!!! Hehe!! IMU Cup 2009 had offiicially came to its end!!! Phoenix got overall 2nd, not bad!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Last Day For Cheerleading Practices

Today is the last day for cheerleading practices, we have done a great job, happy!!! Hopefully 2moro everything will be fine and go as smooth as we planned. We just gonna give it our best try!!! Smile, Be Energetic!!!!! Go go Phoenix!!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Can You Please Set Your Goal High, And Don't Stop Until You Get There???

I am not persistent in everything,
I am ready to give up whenever there are challenges,
Just feel that everything seems to get out of my way,
I gradually lost my passion in everything,
I even lost the priority that I hold last time,
People keeps on changing,
Maybe it's not that they wanted to,
But rather the situation or environment forced them to do so,
Can I just stop for a while and breathe?
I am just too suffocated and tired,
I wish and wish and wish,
But it never happen, not even once,
I have already get used to it,
I have no confidence,
I will just remain silent and do nothing....

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Still Will Do Our Very Best!!!!

Sien...Phoenix Pool lost edy, cannot proceed to Semi-final. Then Female basketball also lost and cannot enter Semi-final. However, Phoenix won a Gold for Football, good job!!! Although the point difference is quite big, but we will still do our very best in Cheerleading!!! Go go Phoenix!!!

p/s: Griffin's Cheerleading is awesome!!! Got our Phoenix Cheerleader's shirt just now, it is quite ugly,lol! Prefer black + red, not white + red. 2 more days to Competition Day, rock rock Phoenix!!!

It's Not A Good Day For Phoenix...

Phoenix lost all the games today, damn pathetic. Firstly, lost Pool 1-2 to Pegasus, then lost Male Volleyball final to Taurus, then again lost Table Tennis 3rd/4th Placing to Taurus again, sian diao. When we practiced cheerleading at night, we were suddenly so demotivated when we saw other houses have done so well, especially Griffin. Their dance steps were excellent, speechless! Haih...then plus suddenly we have to do basket toss and have to do several jumps, it makes us so unsynchronize, but luckily in the end, Joash made our spirit to come back. We gave it to our best and surprisingly, we have done quite well for the whole routine, not that bad! Hmm...hope that phoenix's spirit will keep on burning and will not give up until the end!!! Go go Phoenix!!!

p/s: damn, can't really focus during lecture, haih...I just hate Repro, too much new term for me...sian diao...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

IMU Student Representative Council (SRC) 09/10

From the left: Alicia (IT Liaison), Jodie (Medicine VP), Ickes (Treasurer), Sathiyan (Health Sciences VP), Jin Lin (Dentistry VP)
Center: Zia (President)
From the right: Pei Jin (PR Liaison), Mira (Sport Reps), Ashvini (Social Concerns Reps), Iris (Medical Sciences VP), Natasha (Religious & Cultural Reps), Nirmal (Secretary)
Not in picture: Wee Kiat (Pharmacy VP)

After a delay of such a long time, finally we got to shoot a picture of our council, but still with one council missing. Now we have reached our half term of SRC, but still we have lots of thing have not accomplished yet, better pump out the action and get ready to do it in IMU...

Do visit our SRC Blog at!!!

Phoenix's Passion Not Ended

Phoenix won Gold for Road Relay!!! Wow, the hero is man! He is the only runner who run under 11 minutes for 2.9km, geng!!! But sadly to say I didn't take part in Road Relay. Lol, if I take part, maybe cannot get a Gold,lol!!! But glad that Phoenix won Gold!!! The standings now for all the houses are as below!!!

Gold Silver Bronze Total
Hydra 8 2 7 17
Phoenix 6 2 6 14
Taurus 2 6 2 10
Draco 1 3 5 9
Pegasus 2 5 0 7
Griffin 1 3 1 5

Wow...Phonix 6 Golds dy, not bad. Keep it up, Phoenix!!! Win more Golds!!! And the determining event is Cheerleading!!! Go go go, Phoenix Cheerleaders!!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Sien, sien, sien....Cheerleading practice same routine, repeat again and again....very very sien...
Nvm, it will end on Friday-16 October, come and support ya!!! And seriously I don't think we have high chance to win the cheerleading, coz our dance steps not powerful, haih....nvm la, just have to try our very best to perform it on this coming Friday!!!

BBQ Surprise Birthday Party

Today I went for Touch Rugby IMU Cup,
hehe! Only knew that there are more than enough phoenix players after I reached there, swt! First match against Taurus, we won, second game against Pegasus, we won again. I waited until the third game, which I have the chance to play in it, against Griffin, and we won again! Wah...I left halfway back to Vista because they have enough geng players dy, lol. After the event, heard that Phoenix won a Gold, wow...not bad not bad!!! Phoenix won all the matches except drew 1 match.

At night, there is a surprise BBQ Birthday party for YH, can be considered a quite successful one although he knew something will be going on but he couldn't predict what is it? Haha...

BBQ Food...woo!!!Cutting Cake
Birthday Boy

Today is a tiring sunburnt because of the Touch Rugby. Started from 2moro, everyday will have cheerleading practices, sei lo, there will be a busy week to come...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fated to get a Bronze Medal for Darts

Question of the day: Guess what is this? A puppy? Or a rabbit???

OMG, today we won bronze for Darts. A bronze!!!! happy, really thanks to all my team mates who have played so well...We started with double male first, I played very sucky today, but luckily my team mate Han Eyong double checked out the first match , but lost to Draco for the second match, and third match my team mate managed to double check out again, la him. Then Phoenix 1-0 leading. Second category is Male single. Vive won with 2-0, wow! Not Phoenix 2-0, very high chance to win. Then is female single. They are both really good, better than guy, but Phoenix female lost with0-2, the Draco girl really super super good. Then, doubel female played. Walao eh, Precelia on form, double checked out first game, Esther double check out second game, cool!!!! And we won, Mixed double no need to play, wakaka!! History repeats itself, last year I also won bronze for my batch, and this year I won a bronze again for Phoenix house!!!!

Below is my bronze medal for last year::

YH's surprise birthday party at midnight, hehe!!!

He is too hungry edy..........

A clown??? Lol!!! Btw, nice skill to take out the candles from the cake....

Happy Birthday to him....

Friday, October 9, 2009

I wanna go home..

Currently, I am really confused with myself. I cannot cheer up, because there are too much things for me to hold, many things that make me feel so burden. I want to get them all done but it seems impossible or rather I cannot complete them as fast as I want it to be. I feel like wanted to just go off and don't care about anything, just live my life normally without any responsibility. Haih...sien, everything just makes me cannot focus in my studying. I am really doomed. Everything just makes me lose my time, courage to do what I originally wanted to do, now it is just hanging half way, or I can said, it is impossible to be done/achieved. I wish everything will be fine soon...just hope that holiday to come soon so that I can go back home. I wanna go home....miss my family..

p/s: I am really crazy at night while training darts, laughing non-stop, I dunno I am happy or what? But definitely I am just unclear of my own emotion, haih.......Tomorrow is the official 3rd/4th placing for darts, wish me luck again........

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Track & Field

I ran today, for track & field. It was really very last minute, was called to run 1500m because there is no phoenix runner for that. Agreed to do it but I knew that I couldn't win for that category since I have not train for so long and there are a lot of good runners from other houses. For example, Jia Wei from Taurus, Kuan Meng from Hydra, Sandeep from Draco. is really hopeless. I have tried my best, and haha as expected I ran the last. Almost caught up with Griffin runner but in the end still lost. But overall, Phoenix team got 3rd overall, which is really not bad (Supposedly got 2nd but there was some complication happened).

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I Lost a Gold in Darts, but Gain a Gold in Foosball

Ya, today is not a lucky day for me again. I checked my percentage of luck on facebook this morning and it showed only 68%, I wish it was more so that I can win in Darts Competition, which is on today, against Hydra...So we started with male Double. My usual partner Han Eyong couldn't make it because he has clinic visit, so my partner now is Krishnan. We played the first match and phoenix won--double check up, so happy. Then at the same time our Mixed Double also won their first match. Our chances of winning is very high right now. Then played the second match, I have no idea why I couldn't focus really well and didn't hit 20 as usual, haih...we lost the second match, and at the same time Mixed double lost their second match too, shit!! This is really bad. We played the third game, phoenix male double's point is leading, but not too much, and we took our time to check out, while Hydra catch up and check out after a few throw. The most disappointing thing I have done was before Phoenix lost, I have the chance to throw double 1, but I simply throw to burst it so that I can throw double 2 next time , and who knows there is no more next time, sad....ya, so Hydra leading 1-0, then Mixed double played and finally Phoenix won, wow...that saved the day. So now is 1-1. Male single played next, I didn't watch the game, but the result was Hydra won, holy shit, our hope had gone 75% already. Male single shouldn't lose. I knew from him that he won the first game, but lose the second and the third game, wtf ? So now is Hydra leading 2-1. Haih...and right before lecture, I received a call from Vive said that Hydra people asked him(Phoenix) to walkover, no need to compete with them because they will win, wtf? They said we didn't inform them that our female double only free after 4pm, that's not a reason. Nvm, so I skipped lecture to support my team female single to play against hydra. So, again first match Phoenix won, wow...We were so happy because Hydra was so cocky, wtf. Then second match they won, sien, and the last match it was so so close that we only left 1 round to check out but Hydra won first. They were very happy but suddenly we saw there was something wrong with the score. The referee made some mistakes and gave Phoenix less score by, that's very critical. We requested rematch but Hydra refused to do that, or because they don't dare to do it because they are not competent enough to win again, wtf. Whatever, I just don't like their attitude, seriously. Nvm, in the end there is no rematch and Hydra proceeded to Final while Phoenix will be against draco tomorrow for 3rd and 4th placing. Everything is over now and I just hope tomorrow I will perform well since I lost today, really sad...must really win tomorrow!!!! Get a bronze for Phoenix!!!

Haha, so today I went to become substitute for Phoenix team in foosball at Asia Cafe.
Guess what, Phoenix won Gold, lol. Our single is too strong already, hmm...not bad not bad...and I have a free Gold medal to take, lol!!!!

This is Phoenix Team: From left-Barath, Ickes, Ganeshan, Sean, Min Yi + Jonathan (Not in the Pic)

Monday, October 5, 2009

You Must Find Back Your True Purpose

WHY AM I HERE? Ickes Angelo...U must be very clear of the reason why you are here!!!!! Now it is totally out of the track you are supposed to follow....Remember!!! U must always remind yourself of the PURPOSE you are here. Get it back and do it!!!!!!!!!Before it is too late, ok??? Wake me up when September ends...Hey, dude, now it's already October!!!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Luck is on Our Side, but it is too weak.......

Today is Bowling IMU Cup Competition day. There are 4 bowlers, consists of 3 males and 1 female. So, our phoenix team made up of Ickes, Andrew, Syazwan and Su Yu.

First game we played we scored pretty well, all people were on form, it's very cool!!!! Especially Su Yu, she was damn pro..

Second game we played not as good as the first one, as you can see the score as below. I only scored 107 for this while first game I scored 130. Su Yu scored pretty well for this round too....

2nd Game of Phoenix

And the last game(the most important game of all), we tried our best, but Su Yu in this round lost her energy already and didn't do as well as the previous two. Andrew and i scored 135 and 138...Well, luck is too weak to hold for the last game, Draco scored very well for the last round, and leading us by 60+ points, although we won the first game, second game lost a bit, third game lost more, overall we lost to them....

3rd Game of Draco
For the last game Draco played, you can clearly see the first player-Mohd. Aliff, he strike for 4 times continuosly, wth? 4 Baggers?? No......and overall total 3 games, we lost to them only by 42 points, which is really really close, and I was really upset of that small difference we have lost!!!
I was thinking if Mohd,. Aliff didn't strike so many times for the last games, we could have won. If Su Yu didn't lose her energy for the last game, we could easily win too. If I focus more and not always got 9,9,9,9,9....but strike and spare all the times, we could have won. Why? Why must we lost because of those mistakes? Why luck just stay more on our side????

This is the end result slip of Bowling......:


I am not satisfied, I am emo, the more people ask me to cheer up, the more I feel depressed and upset, I have lost in bowling last year, and this year I didn't win any medal for it again....

Again, Hydra won...and this is the Medals Board so far for 14 events...

House Gold Silver Bronze Total
Hydra 8 1 4 13
Phoenix 3 2 4 9
Taurus 1 3 2 6
Draco 1 2 4 7
Pegasus 1 4 0 5
Griffin 0 2 0 2

Way to go man, Phoenix..............

Today met up with Yann Er, Stephen and Daniel (All are A-level friends). We went to Mid valley to have dinner together at Sushi Zanmai. We ordered....

I have lost confidence and stability in myself, Darts practice at night I cannot even focus and throw the usual 20, haih...what am I supposed to do now??????

Today is a sad day.........hope 2moro will be better....

Mooncake Festival + IMU Cup Bowling's now already 3.23am, I am still awake. Just now was celebrating Mooncake Festival.

Had a party at Vista B pool side. It was quite a successful event. We had our dinner with spaghetti , pasta, jelly, mooncake. Then , play with balloons, card until around 3am. Later (Sunday) is Bowling IMU Cup, someone called me and said haha he couldn't make it for the bowling match later and how am I going to find a good bowling player at the last minute? Very very funny!!! He is indeed a smart guy I guess. Well, let's see how later lo, my hope for bowling had gone edy.....Well now my only hope is Darts!!!!

Semi-final match...4 teams who make it are Phoenix, Hydra, Griffin & Draco...So, let's rock Phoenix, we really stand a very high chance to win!!!! Just keep rocking!!!