Nuffnanger :-)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I am emo-ing

Emo-ing again, lately a lot episodes of emo-ing feelings came to haunt me!!! And despite having two housemates here, what they did were making me more emo. They shared and talked with each other but not me, didn't cheer me up, didn't listen to me, didn't share their problems with me. I am getting more depressed having to stay with these housemates, especially the sensitive and quiet one! :-(

E-M-O-I-N-G!! Someone can help me pls?

Monday, March 5, 2012


I must admit that I am not a very communicable person....

First of all, I have not much hobbies to talk about
eg: Cars, IT, football, basketball, tennis.......nah none of these :-(

Second of all, I have no clue about news & politics
because I don't read them :-(

Third  of all, I have not much common sense or general knowledge

Fourth of all, I am not a verbal, talkative person

Last of all, I don't share much of my feelings

So, I am just ........A BORING PERSON :-(