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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Monday of Haemato 3rd week

Monday- what was interesting today was we have CSU haematology system history taking in OSCE stations form. I was't awared of that until that day the CSU sessions itself, pretty nervous at first. Paired up with Mervyn, there were 4 history taking sessions, 4 questions stations and 3 rest stations. I was lucky to get 2 good SPs(not that exaggerated, normal SPs), while Mervyn got the Sophia SPs, the one who is a very good actor. Lol! Must correct my mistakes- 1. Must have questions set up and be organised, 2. Use short and concise questions 3.Clear questioning style 4. Eye-contact with SPs more 5. Build rapour with SPs 6. Deal with emotion first than content. Second thing is New Cafe had been launched. But what we could see there was only 1 operator, where is Pink Sage? A lot of people was lining up to buy food, the space in the Cafe seems to be quite small. There were 2 puppies outside IMU too, 1 was injured, claimed that had been infected by Maggot in the deep cut wound, other eyeball was bitten by an ant, both was brought to see the vet by kind IMU students. Hmm...not bad, They are caring and animal-loving, good job guys! Haemato lect was a torture to me, donno why? It is still boring for me compared to CVS. Haih...cant take it when the lecturer kept on saying, ya? ya? ya? in almost every sentences. Was really very very tired maybe because waking up early in the morning for 2 consecutive days. This morning have CSU practices at 9am, haih... I have skipped today practice. This week we will practise CSU skills everyday, at 9am. Haih...don't feel like waking up so early!!! After lec straight away rush home to sleep for 1 an a half hour. Night time was trying to use photoshop programme to design T-shirt, haih...dunno anything about it, luckily got help from Chin Nam, managed to complete the design on that night itself, here is the design , hope that can win some money, hehe!

Busy Weekend

Last weekend was a busy weekend for me, didn't get to study more. Friday went Kim Gary at MV to have dinner with Freakin Gr8 Juniors (although there were only few attended-Wolf, Terri, Kian, Li Ly & Huey Ling). Everyone seems stress except Wolf, keep on talking & talking,lol! Don't worry everyone, we all sure can sail through exam, just study and it will help you to get to ur target destination. Set a target, be top 80 or sth, haha! Saturday initially promised Jon and Kyan to go sing k at Endah Parade, but upon arrival, there was no room left, sigh, we then went to play snooker. Hmm...can say my snooker has improved? A bit la I guess. We then followed Kor Woi's car to go Yuan Restaurant to have buffet steamat. a lot, especially the chicken & Ice-cream. Night time have a mamak chat with Faye, Leon & YH. Talked about a lot of stuffs, how I wish can back to Sem 1, then make friend with other who has _ _ _ . Haha! Only 4 of us knew. Then, life will be interesting! But, no regret la getting to know my current friends. Sunday woke up at 6.30am, went to temple at Kepong for a talk held there. Learnt quite a lot of stuff from the talk, hmm..went to try the ABC beside the roadside before coming back to Vista, the ABC is quite special, especially the sweet sauce they used, is it gula melaka? Reahed Vista at 5pm sth, exhausted. Have dinner at home with quite a lot of ppl this time, this time plus Keili, Matthew and Natasha. Normally only me, Ying Xin and YH. O ya, went to school to play pool at night. Saw a lot of Nursing students there, including Shi Yee. Nursing exam is on next Tues, Gambateh!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Sorry, this is an emo post.For those who don't want to get affected, pls don't read this!The title is life in my own perception. Life for me is really unfair, I don't know how to describe it, but somehow I just think that it doesn't belong to me. No matter what I did, no matter how I struggled to make it to happen, it just does not seem to happening! Somehow it just make me feel more and more depressed! I missed the life being a child, without any worries, no stress, stayed with family, eat, play, smile and laugh. I really missed those moment! But, no more turning back! Sigh! I m full of negative thinking now, it really very hard to control once emotions. Sometimes when you are really sad, no matter how you try to make urself happy, it just not I wish there is time machine!!!!

p/s: Thanks for those who tried to cheer me up, but sometimes I really can't helped it. Emotion just conquered me.

For the past few weeks, there were really a lot of things happened. Including Medt1/0 9 orientation, overall it was quite ok la. Became a spy, OO, SM and Committee member simultaneously. And I can tell you that the most fun 1 is to become an OO (permanent oo), you really can know your juniors well and bond with them. Second best is to become a committee, third is to become a spy, fourth is to become a SM. This is my own opinion la. Then Summative, I can say it sucks for me, although it consists of actually quite simple questions (Maybe I read not enough), I just can't defeat my own self! Upcoming event include the SRC election and apprenticeship, it will be a busy week. Just wish me luck!