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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ground Zero begins...

Met up with juniors this morning, hehe. This time I'm still in group 8,not as the 00 leader,but during the first meeting, spontaneously I became the spy of the group. Han Hong was with me....he kept on laughing when the seniors were talking or asking him questions, lol,like that very easy to "bongkar rahsia" le.In fact, I will reveal my identity soon la because really cant become spy too long la,you want to know why? Firstly, I m one of the committee member who is in charge of treasure hunt. Secondly, when I am walking around in IMU, my friends sure will call out my name( Ickes here & there, shit!). Thirdly, I was not planning to become spy at first, just spontaneously become for 1-2 days to have fun,hope they will not hate me, will become the floating OO for the group. Haha, this group 8 also quite geng, we came out with long group cheer quite fast, and you know what, one of the junior-noel, frm Kuching started the signature hunt on the first day itself, enthu isn't it? And my rahsia almost kena bongkar at the e-lab when Noel asked Elaine for signature. He asked elaine whether there is any other batchmates who is in the e-lab, then Elaine looked back and pointed at me, said: Neh, he is my batchmate. Lol, I was shocked and faster replied: No la! And u know wat, Noel said: He is my batchmate la. Lol! I think Elaine replied that she always see me walking in her lecture room? So she miss thought I am her batchmate,lol. What a funny explanation!!! Anyway, I guess the junior still dunno I am a spy(or they didn't even know got a spy thingy exists), perhaps?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Orientation & Summative, COMING SOON!!!!

It's been so so long since I updated my blog, busy with studying, orientation preparation, and others. Monday will be the second week of Respi.Time really flies. Yup, Respi is boring and harder than CVS, I think. I feel sien even during Respi lectures, haih... A lot more CVS notes to revise, and the orientation of MEDT1/09 will be starting on next tuesday, and I will be busy during those 2 weeks( Am one of the treasure hunt officer,floating OO for group 8, SMs for Ice-breaker & Telematch), die man! But I will try to study at the same time as orientation weeks going on, Summative is 1 week after orientation, bless me that I can survive it....O ya, I injured my face(superior, lateral to the left eye) because of basketall game, have a laceration cut of about 2.5cm long, went to clinic at Sri Petaling to stitch it(3-4 stiches). Guess what, I went to 2 clinics before had the wound stiched. First clinic-Zhong Yang clinic. U guys don't ever go there. He(The Idian doc) is a money sucker man. He said the stiches need around RM200++ for around 7-8 stiches, what the heck!!!! The second clinic I went is 23 hours (Group clinic), the doctor is nice, he said need around 3-4 stiches, first stich cost RM15 followed by RM5 for each of the following stiches. Total RM78 including consultation and medication. I din't consult him though because heard that there is another clinic which gives discount to IMU students( Clinick Ong and Cheong). Went there, consulted the doctor, had the stiches done, total pay=RM40 only,lols. But, u know what, we lost RM50 n the way from the second clinic to the third clinic, wth! Maybe sometimes we just need to pay more than lose more. Not a good day for me today. Maybe not a good year though, never have any stiches before, I guess this is the first time? Haih...some doctors are really great money sucker, I will not wish to be like them!!!!

P/s: Have a steamboat dinner at Lim Kian's house, with all the juniors....

Friday, February 6, 2009

Police Permit

Woke up at 8.15am today, got ready and went to school to get the SAD letterhead and to print out documents needed to get police permit for treasure hunt orientation.Jeremy drove us there, but 4 of us didn't know the exact way to go, just depending on the maps we have searched from the internet. We passed through Ibu Pejabat Bricksfield, all the way up into the KL city, but we U-turn back to HS Lee Road after suspecting we may took the wrong road. Asked the previous orientation committee, kiat Jian regarding the location, he told me it was bricksfield,lols. That's the first police station we passed through. We went back to that police station and only realised that only telematch can get the form from there.We helped Manlo to take the form Treasure hunt have to take the form from Cheras KL police station,lols. WTH! Cheras KL police station is located at the end of Jalan Pudu, we then proceed there, passed through a lot of police stations(including Pudu police station), reached Cheras KL police station. Supposingly to be happy, but when we saw the notice stated that the police station department had already moved, swt!!!! We got down and asked for the new location of the Cheras KL IPD, it had moved to PUdu Police Station. Walao, drove back there again, finally can settle liao, but we didn't bring the permiission letter from the Bukit Jalil park, shit! That's means we need to go back there again on next tues to pass up the form we have to fill in attached with all the documents they need, and have to go back 1 more time when they have approved it and will give us the permit. troublesome! We made it in time to come back before 12pm as Matthew will has his PBL session. Later got Sri Kumar's lecture again!!! Lower limb blood vessels anatomy....hopefully it's ok to catch up.

Jinjang 2nd Clinic Visit

5 Feb- Today went to Jinjang Clinic for the second time, took 3 history this time. Hmm...but not very interesting history tough..It was a tiring day, luckily I have some time to take a nap after coming back from the clinic, for about 40 minutes before going for the lecture. Dr. Thani's cardiomyopathy and Sri Kumar's upper limb blood vessels anatomy,really a lot of things to learn today, stayed in library after lecture with Natasha till 7.30pm, then went back home. Li ly, Huey Ling and Sim came to pai nian at aout 9.15pm. They even brought mandarin oranges, cookies and ang pao for us. At here wanna say thousands of sorry to you!!! We did tried to lower down our volume but we didn't know it will affect you so so much, really sorry!!!!! Comunication is really very important within friends, just hope that we can communicate well next time, sometimes I really don't know how to settle this kind of problem, I'm so sorry again!

Orientation Video in making!

4 Feb-Wednesday, today is a orientation video shooting day. We went to school and 7pm and started to shoot the committee introducing video first. Every different department has to walk to in front of the cam and pose once their department are being called. Haha, some posing are really funny. After that, we paint our faces with white, grey watercolour paint to look as zombies. We went up the roof of IMU and made videos there. There were some lagging in making video process and they even could not complete the videos at 12am.I leave at 10.30pm to meet my friends at mamak and didn't involve in zombies videos (although I have painted my face and have to wash it away before they started to make video,lols!)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Reach KL

2 Feb--came back to Vista after about 1 week of holidays. Flight 1.55pm but arrived at Vista home at 6.30pm. Took the Aerobus from LCCT to Kl Sentral, train to Tasik Selatan and LRT to Sri Petaling. Shit, it was raining heavily outside, thanks to the rain we took Taxi from Sri Petaling train station to Vista home.It costs RM3! Hmm...was preparing PBL for the next day at night...haih...wish the cny holiday havn't finished, miss my friends at Kuching.

3 Feb-Start class, Kyan's lecture is like bla bla bla, ZZZ....I didn't catch what was he explaining. The other lecturer, lect. Asa? , she came at 3.30pm, supposed to start at 2.45pm. She thought the lecture starts at 3.45pm, lols! And her notes have 98 slides, wow...her own note only have 40++ slides I guess, the lecture finished at 4.15pm, PBL time after that, didn't talk much during PBL again...Well, now was supposed to do PBL here in IMU,and was trying to watch some movies from pp stream, but failed, i think IMU has blocked it, damn!

Monday, February 2, 2009

7th Day of CNY

Red Cliff 1

Red Cliff 2

PS2 Dynasty Warrior 4 or 5 characters

1 Feb 2009--It is month February now , fast, 1 week holiday is going to come to an end, haih...before that planned to revise CVS notes, but now I didnt touch even 1 note, sad case. Wish I can be discipline a bit, hate myself. Today is Chu Qi (7th day), didnt go bai nian liao, but went to watch movie with Char Sing, Lee Juin and Chiang Lung at 4pm. The movie is Red Cliff 2. Tell u guys, it is an excellent movie, continuing from part one red cliff which was released last year. i like it definitely! If you guys got play Dynasty Warrior 4 or 5 (PS2 game), I bet u guys will find the movie more interesting, cause we always try to link the character from the movie to the game. In the PS2 game, Xiao Qiao knew how to battle and uses big fan as weapon, while in the movie, this Xiao Qiao( Starred by Ling Zhi Ling) knew to make tea only, lols! The movie is cool, watch Red cliff 1 and 2! I rated both of them 4.5 out of 5.0 stars. Went to Pizza Hut to have dinner after that, ordered a combo set- 3 small pizzas, 1 spaghetti, 4 cups of pepsi, 4 bowl of mushroom soup, 2 basket of bread. Bout RM41++, then lao Cha Bo wanted to play some shooting game, went Hock Lee Centre for a while, met Jenny and her bf(Wilson) and Wei jian there. After played, we planned to go yamcha at Travillion there but the cafe had closed, thus went to Char Sing's house. Played card until 12.05am before heading home. Gosh, havnt packed my stuff, 2moro have to fly back KL again, so fast!!! Haih...wish holiday is longer....

Sunday, February 1, 2009

6th Day Of CNY

Waken up by the door knocking sound, my parents just came back home from Sebuyau. It was already 12pm edy..went to visit Matt’s, Faye’s and Aaron’s house today, along with my cousin, Chia Young(Sabrina). Hmm…received 3 Ang Paos today, not bad! My second sis’s friends came visiting today. Matt and faye also came over to visit my house at night. We spent the time gambling. Btw, I still lose money, sad. Lost RM0.30, Matt lost RM0.60, of course Faye was happy because all the money we have lost went to her since there were only 3 of us gambling. Now is 1.30am edy, my eldest sis is still outside, not yet back…while I am still continue to watch House….hehe.