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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Merdeka Day=Day to Rest

Well, a lot of people will ask where to go during Merdeka Day?? The best thing to do is to sleep at home, to chill and do nothting, that's the best! Today was very happy to go out with Jamie they all and YH..We went to Kuchai Lama to try Thai's food and played tortoise card game, haha...siew seen lost and has to belanja tax, swt!! Then, rush back to see Jian Ren, a senior to do paraffin blocking, quite cool but takes effort and time...after that, few games of pool in the student lounge, 2moro gonna have trainings for phoenix house...gonna see the potential players first..

Bad News...

Darts....we cannot proceed to semi-final edy, sigh...this causes me sad coz I never lose in darts, well I mean at least get top 3...

Volleyball Male...can't get into semi-final too..:-( But I didn't play that sport...

Phoenix house, way to go, this time taurus is the boss edy...


Hopefully Bowling and Pool Phoenix can win GOLD....pray pray...

I see the potential in Bowling this time, just need to train...:-)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

IMU Cup Snooker

Well, now wanna blog about IMU Cup Snooker. It is because it was too happening edy. So just want to tell about it. Snooker, I wanted to play so much for last year, but the snooker captain last year just had enough players already. And they got a Gold medal in snooker last year. This year, I took over as the snooker reps. I was recruiting people like mad but seems that there are no one willing to play for this time, damn! Seriously, I wanted to give up edy when I couldn't find any player even one day before the competition. So, I just told the Phoenix captain that we just walkover in this snooker, but he said no and he forced people to join the competition. Just found any random people to play,lol! So, there are 3 guys(Dennis, me and Rajiv) and 1 girl (Chui Ling) playing for phoenix. First match against Pegasus. Male 1 who is me lost...coz I have made stupid mistakes to let the opponent earnt points, swt. Male 2 surprisingly we won, wow! Then mixed double we won again, unbelievable! That means we won the first match group against Pegasus , 2-1. From the spirit of participating only to the spirit of wanting to win champion, we now wanted to win so much edy. Pegasus and Hydra, Pegasus won 3-0. Then male 1 I was against Hydra male 1, tell u that tall guy was damn dulan, really no comment. i wont forget him man coz he is not nice, but evil! He saw me doing a mistake coz I was not that familiar with the rules and he tricked me to do it! wtf! Nvm, I am not counting on that! Give him win la. So he won in the end for that category. Male 2 we also lost to Hydra, aiks. But mixed double we won! So now every houses won 1 match each, and they looked into small games, haha, guess what? Phoenix into Semi!!! Wee...was damn happy that time, able to make into semi. But semi against Taurus, wth, I lost my game again against Melvin (Win 1st game, lost 2nd game, overall lost)..and male 2 lost!! Mixed double no need to play dy. Then against Pegasus agianst to fight for 3rd placing, but in the end we still cannot win, sigh...and the fact is I lost again. I really suck in snooker man...must really train next time..:-( So in the end Taurus 1st, Griffin 2nd, Pegasus 3rd and Phoenix 4th. Lol, that hydra tall dulan guy didnt make it to semi, INTO HIS FACE MAN, great!

p/s: Quite disappointed not able to get any medal in snooker, sorry guys...!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Can Phoenix through??

Darts.....can be considered as the sport that I wanted to win so much in IMU CUP...coz it was the sport which made me spend so much effort in it last time.

And now...Phoenix is at borderline (at the end of the cliff), and our fate will be determined by other houses (Griffin & Draco), swt! Coz if Draco win, we will be out and if Griffin win, we will be in. And the sad thing is now left only category female single. As I know, Draco female single is the best among all the houses, sien edy...and Griffin will be through to semi no matter they win or lose this time, so why they bother to fight until the end to win Draco?? Sigh...

Just hope for the best for now...Pray pray griffin please fight for the best and beat Draco k?? Pls!

p/s: Snooker is on Sunday, but no enough players, aiks!
Got my BMed Sci topic finally, an indeed good faci-Dr. Nagarajah, yeah! But need to kill rats, aiks!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sigh...sien, what topics should I choose for my BMed Sci project?? Damn headache now...should I go for the topic/the faci??? Should I kill animals or do the boring cell culture?? Aiks...really don't know how to choose and tomorrow is the deadline dy...please please give me what I want in the end,ok??

Another thing troubles me is the darts competition. Hmm...really wish Phoenix can enter into semi-final again!! and this time for Gold medal, but so far we have lost to Griffin but won Draco. If Draco win against Griffin, we will just lose. But if Griffin win, then we can enter semi. But the point is what if Draco and Griffin are best friends, then they decided to let Draco win? Then both Griffin and Draco will enter semi...and Phoenix is out? Aiks, just hope that Griffin will win (I know they are better...) And as I predict, if Phoenix make it to semi, our opponent I guess will be Hydra most probably...same as last year, aiks!! Hmm....if Hydra again, we must really win them....if we win against Hydra, of course the final it will be Griffin again...and this time must really work better to fight them to be the champion, tough man tough...haha.

Bowling ah bowling, hmm....must play better today, I believe phoenix can.

Snooker , cannot find players la...competition is this coming sunday dy..stress ah..

Pool, aiks...any best player please come..

BMed Sci timetable is killing me...everyday needs to wake up so early and stay till so late, tired..

Wish me luck in BMed...:-)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Good Bye Kuching!

1 Day b4 I am flying back to KL...

My eldest and second sis came back from KK!!

And we had a great dinner together with Ah Gong, 4th uncle, aunty, my parents, my siblings and karen...wee..

Will miss HOME...:-(

4pm flight (14 hours 20 minutes left....)

Good bye Kuching!!!

Stupid Recruitment

Why is recruitment so hard to do????!!

What had exams do to us??


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

48 hours Left :-(

2 more days...then I will be back in Vista again...will be starting my BMed Sci (Research) for 1 year. According to the seniors, once we start the research, it will be a hectic life, hope that I can survive the upcoming days, and more importantly to enjoy it!

Normally Aug-Oct will be happening months. Why do I say so?? It is because a lot of events will be occurred during these months, among them will be orientation and the big event and what I mean by the big event is the IMU CUP. Never imagine that I will have the chance to participate again for the third time in this event. But personally this time I felt that IMU Cup seems getting less and less players, hardly can recruit any players nowadays. Guess what? I am the bowling captain again. And this time I am the darts, pool and snooker captains too. Lol! Was desperate to find good players to play for phoenix but it seems quite difficult. Reasons being I guess most players want to focus in their studying. There is 1 guy told me that he left IMU edy. Then another 2 players told me that they want study as their focus. Well, guess I have to try hard to find other players again..

Competition is soon but trainings not yet start, sigh....wish us luck!

Darts-25/8 (Group stage), 27/8 (Semi Final & Final)
Snooker-29/8 (1-7pm)
Bowling-5/9 (10am)
Pool-5/9 (4-11pm-Group Stage), 6/10(6-11pm-Semifinal & Final)

Darts: I really missed the combination of groups that played for phoenix darts IMU Cup 2009. Although our players not as great as others, but we played our very best and trained hard everytimes. And we won a bronze medal last year. This year just a bit short of players, and left me, Shuh Yun, Precelia(Old players), others are new and are still recruting...can we win again?

Snooker: Didn't have chance to participate last year.Phoenix won a gold medal last year. This year hope to join but if I join, the chance of winning is not that high, coz I am not that good,lol.

Bowling: Last year was a really close match, neraly got 3rd placing but just missed it and got 4th instead. But our players performed not that bad. This year I have problems recruiting people too, and the talented bowler 2009-Su Yu have graduated dy. now?

Pool: Didn't have chance to play too last year. This year must really play well for this and must try to win it, or at least get into the semi-final. Last year not even have chance to get into semi-final..

Cheerleading: It was really a fun and great experience last year. After all the hardwork and it was really surprise that phoenix won 3rd placing for cheers although we tumbled down in the end, haha. Hope that this time we can reach higher up!! Wee...

This time back to school things will be different, because batchmates will be very less from 210 becomes 15++ of us. My friends will leave to other countries...studying field will be totally different from medicine-doing research, living place will be different, housemate will be different...Hmm...hope I can get used to it!! But glad that you are still there!!! Hehe:-)

Will miss my mum's food so so much after back to KL...will miss my family too!!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

IMU Friends

Friends, for me, are important! I really appreciate everything that my friends had done for me, and I will always remember the moments that we were all together. Those good and bad times!!

I am really grateful that I have met a lot of amazing people in IMU. A lot of people that I am truly happy to be with. Friendship started from the very first day of IMU...

Well, some stories with my close friends,just hope that friendship can be kept forever!

Matt- friendship started from pool!! I mean it's the pool game! He was exchanging some coins from me so that to play pool (required money last time when we need to play pool), then we have joined Amazing Race IMU together and won champion, then studying together, CrusAIDSers activities, Treasure Hunt Committee(all the plannings and organisations), basketball, carrefour groceries, cooking together...

Yen Haw-Met him on the second day. Was listening to briefing in the audi when he first talked to Mei Han and me. Then, lost in touch till I called him for dinner together (cooking in a group) when I saw him walking him alone. Then all the outings, then moving house, became my roomate, orientations OO-ing and all the trips, fun, happy, sad, crazy things we have been through.

Mervyn-Well, forgot how it started, maybe same PBL(Ahmed Arzad), CSU and others. Then POOL, darts, jokes...SRC room wanderer,lolz..coolness!

Natasha- So many things we have been through. It first started in the camp! (HOPE)..then CrusAIDers stuff, SRC stuff, orientations OO-ing, outings, trips,cookings. Will always remember her: sweat! What the heck! conversations!! Arghh...

Ying Xin- Same orientation group at first! Then dance partner for orientation dresscode, called her up to go student lounge to make lousy costume for dresscode,lol. Then after that same PBL group, became her housemate(B2-10-2!!), all the cookings, trips, outings!! Sekinchan, seremban trips!!

Jamie- Started since sem 1-she became my mummy,lol, then mid valley midnight outing! Sing K sessions! Ice-skating lovely moments! Genting trip! KK trip! wow...conversations..smses , so so much....just more than friends now..:-)

Really happy to meet so many other friends...

All the juniors,seniors, my lovely batchmates, housemates...

Hope we all will keep in touch always in the future...will miss you all!!