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Monday, December 20, 2010

Inventing My Own iPad Application for Maxis

Ever Dreamt to own a gadget like iPad all by yourself???? Desperate to find vertical support for your iPad, nah, don't worry ! iPad always has it own way to stand, no need the help of the cup plunger!

People, stay focus!!! You are going to read a big awesome news when you scroll down the page!
Introducing....*Drum beating*

Our generous Telecommunication company who is going to give away 2 iPads!!! OMG!!!

2 Freaking Awesome iPad!!!!! :-D How good is that!

iPads are now available through Maxis. Don't believe? Click the link!

And they have interesting plans for us!!

Maxis now offers Data Plans exclusive to iPad, tailor made to suit your needs! Just sign up for any of Maxis’ great data plans below and experience online entertainment on the ego. All plans come with Micro-SIM card.

Look at the worthy deals!! OMG!

How to win the iPads?? It's just so easy!

Being a Nuffnanger,all you need to do is just to sign up as a Maxis Angel now to get first priority on more exciting promotions and contests like these to come.

For more info on how to blog about this contest, visit here:

There are 2 prizes up for grabs. Here’s how the 2 winners are chosen:
1st Prize: The best “realistically” creative idea (Your idea is not just creative but realistic too! It could actually be built using today’s technology.)
2nd Prize: The wildest creative idea (Your idea is well ahead of the technology that is available today but WOW us and you can still win a free iPad from Maxis. The sky is the limit! No boundaries!)

1st prize: 1x 64GB iPad 3G + Maxis WiFi Modem
2nd prize: 1x 32GB iPad 3G + Maxis WiFi Modem

Maxis contest participant badge

Well, if I am given a chance to invent my own ipad application, I would like an application on iPad which can function like an ATM Machine!!! Wow, did I read wrongly? ATM Machine??!! ATM MACHINE??? SERIOUSLY???

YA, YOU DIDN'T READ WRONGLY,I want to invent an ATM Machine function-like IPad application!!!

I will let the pictures do the talking okie?

Aiks, wallet is empty, it's time to go withdraw money already...

Aiks, no transport how to go????????

Heheheheh....dont worry, there is iPad here, wakakaka...
Just follow the easy 7 steps below....

Step 1:Take out an iPad!

Step 2: Go to ÄTM Machine"app!

Step 3: Click on the app!

Step 4: The number pad as above will appear. Just key in any amount you would like to withdraw!

Step 5: Key in the amount and click send money!

Step 6: Money is sending from the bank! (No matter you are Maybank, Hong Leong Bank, CIMB, Citi, any bank will do)-No extra charge!! :-D

Yeah, Money Money!!! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Now, we no need to worry about going to ATM Machines if we ran out of money and will just let iPad does the job. Easy right?? It's damn convenient in that way!!

With my invention, I guess Maxis will have more people to subscribe the iPad plans!!!! Wohooooo!!!

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Money Money from iPad!!

Support my iPad invention! Support Maxis!!!!


diLot said...

hahah hahaha hahahahhaha

u really made my day.. hahah
sape pulak nak pegi masokkan duit dlm ipad?? if the owner themselves, sure thing the money finished off before being deposited into the atm money slot machine.. hahahahahahah

nur hidayah isa said...

can win wildest creative idea i think. goodluck..hehehehe

I`mulan said...

huhu... i terkono...
anyway good luck for ur creative "est" ever...