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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Another great movie brought by Walt Disney- Rapunzel:A Tangled Tale! Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Malaysia, 40 creative blog posts of "IF I HAD RAPUNZEL’S HAIR" will stand a chance to win a pair of movie tickets to watch premier 3D screening of this movie on 24 Nov, one day before official release of the show .On top of that, there are few prizes for those who outdo themselves in their blog post this time. OMG, Nitendo Wii is up there for grab!! This is one of the coolest prize ever I have seen from Nuffnang blogging contest! :-) :-) I am desperate for it right now! But before I can get it I must write a blog post entitled "IF I HAD RAPUNZEL’S HAIR" in a most creative way.

Hmm...talking about hair, it reminded me of the moment when I was a kid. My dad brought me to a saloon to cut my hair as usual. I wanted my hair to be short but not that short!! The hair stylist cut my hair until about 1.5cm I guess and when I looked at myself in the mirror, my eyes became slightly watery and I almost cried it out! From the bottom of my heart, I was afraid of being laughed by my classmate because of my super short haircut!

That's not the only experience I had with my short hair! When I finished form 5, I was chosen to go for National Service(NS) Training. As the rule of NS said that all guys must have very short hair as the standard hairstyle. We were required to attend the hair cutting session twice/three times in the NS camp. At the moment of first hair cutting session, I could see all the guys with very cool hairstyle were suddenly become monk-like face! We were all look alike after the hair cutting session, how pitiful it was! :-(
I am the second guy from the left. How sad was my hairstyle isn't it?

Ever since NS, I never cut my hair until that short anymore, I keep my hair slightly long when I enter university and I dye my hair golden brown! To my surprise, I was voted as the "Most Lala" in my batch,lol! For those who don't know what Lala means, it is best described as the malaysian chinese youngster's 'punk' look.It was all because of my golden brown hair that gained me the title Most Lala Guy in the batch,standing out of 200 plus other batchmates !

This is my Lala's look!

One of the page "Batch Awards" in school magazine.

This is my title "Most Lala-Ickes"

Wow, what can I say? Do I feel proud of the award? Well, I guess so,Lol!

So, back to the original question! What would I do IF I HAD 70 feet of magical GOLDEN(Whiwhit, I love the Lala's colour! :-D) RAPUNZEL’S HAIR! KK, let me imagine myself with the long hair first!

Well, this is me! Look pretty cool huh?
Wow, 70 feet magical golden hair! It means approximately 21m of hair!! It is super long!

This is where the tower where Rapunzel was trapped in.

And she used her own hair to go down from the tall tower!

If I had the 70 feet golden long hair as hers, lift in the Vista will no longer be utilised by me! I will go down my apartment through my house balcony everyday,thus made my life easier, without having to waste my time to wait for the lift to come to 13th floor everytime! Haha, to tell you guys the truth, sometimes I really got pissed off by the lift in Vista when there was one time I was rushing to uni to sit for my exam but the lift just don't come to 13th floor at all. I pressed the lift button at 13th floor and waited for quite a long time but the lift eventually stopped at 12th floor, and when I went down to 12th floor, the lift closed and it went to other floors. In the end, I rather walk down all the way from 13th floor to the ground floor in order to go to uni to sit for my exam. With the Magical Golden Long Hair, all my worries and nightmares of being late for exam would be solved! :-) :-)

This is the Vista Komanwel apartment where I stay in Bukit Jalil.

Haha,and this is me when jumping down from 13th floor balcony, of course not trying to commit suicide by holding my hair tightly! :-D

I really really hope to win at least a pair of tickets to watch this great movie! /and maybe a Nitendo Wii if I am lucky enough ;-) :-) Again, present you with the Rapunzel: A Tangled Tale trailer,do enjoy it people!

Last but not least,

My best hair will be the day I dressed up as Elvis Presley to attend Digi Pimp My Music Party on 11 Nov to celebrate lauching of Digi Music Play Application! I was even shortlisted as one of the final 4 best dressed blogger on that night! :-)

:-) :-D =)

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