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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Ah Ma, Ah Gong

Today is the memorial day of my beloved Grandma. Time really flies, it's been 13 years since my Grandma leave the world.

That year I just finished primary 5.  My Grandma was sick for months, lying in bed. I still have vivid memory of my Grandma. She is the best Grandma you could ever wish for. I still remember clearly the encouragement words by her when I showed her my result (no. 4 in the class). She was really happy, I could see tear of joy in her eyes. Her encouragement, her praise, her advice, are really precious.

I am quite amazed what time can do to a human. It can flush away memories, it can completely change a person. I felt guilty, I tend to forget things which my Grandma once taught me.

She never leave me, ever. She is always there to protect me. Same goes to my Grandpa! I am sure they are always there for me.

Last few weeks were the lowest point of my life. I thought I would be able to face it , but apparently I am too weak. Without the support from my family and my friends, I doubt I could make it. But, thanks God and my Grandma and Grandpa, I finally passed this hurdle in my life.

I am glad and I learnt a lot from it. Sometimes we human beings like to take thing for granted, thought that life is always easy to live, but now I have gone through those hardship, and I shall become stronger.

Thanks everyone, I am so glad I have you! I shall grow up, I shall work harder, I shall remember all the precious advice. I shall appreciate every single one of you!!! :))))

p/s: Ah Ma, Ah Gong, I hope to see you again one day!! :)) Thanks for your love!!!

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